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ford Focus modification
Hatchback car sales in Indonesia are relatively small. Unlike the sedan and MPV obviously pecintanya lot. Start a new hatchback car loved the last few years alone.

However, the intention is that as long as Ford is known as a hatchback car manufacturers are not lax. Ford continued feeding Indonesian consumers with hatchback car. One of them with the Focus.

Focus Design experience 'renovation' in late October, and detikOto get a chance to test 2.0-liter diesel Ford Focus TDCi.

From the outside it looks a lot of changes, but no frontal. Only on the design of a larger grille and flanked by two design in plain foglamp very dynamic look.

Ford claims there are 7 changes compared to the old Ford Focus. Changes in the presence of the most striking features of Auto Rain Sensor Wipers. These features move the windshield wipers when exposed to water.

Hereinafter contained Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror or so-called mirror that can be muffled when exposed to light rays from behind the headlights. And lastly Auto on-off headlamps.

With this technology, the headlights would shine in unison when the car went into a dark area. One example when the driver entered the tunnel.

Design stoplamp also changed. Now the house lights lamp using a matching smoke with contemporary design.

Passenger cabin space was quite relieved. There are no fancy features on the Ford Focus. As usual only the CD player in the middle of the dashboard and integrated air regulators perfectly and AUX-in who swore in a drawer dashboard.

Fun, AC blower oval design makes wind more focused. Unlike the AC blower box or rectangle.

Log in and sat on the leather-clad seat Ford Focus. Unfortunately the seat feels hard. Not only the driver, but the whole seat feels hard. For the case of one that consumers should replace it with a softer material for more comfort. Interestingly, the seats are arranged with electrical systems.

Steering wheel can dinaik and drop off so the driver can get maximum comfort. The hand can easily reach the steering wheel.

Handbrake, gear lever and the power windows can be reached and operated easily. Visibility for the driver to the front, side and rear area.

Peered into the transmission. There are two options ie i-drive D and S (Sport 6 speed). For functions you may already know.

Well, we tried a D to match road conditions Jakarta. Ignited engine. Rauman diesel engine sounded a little into the passenger cabin.

Enough good to use i-drive D. Extremely smooth gearshift. If you drive to the wise, fuel consumption on the instrument panel located on the speedometer indicates the number 7 liters for 100 km.

How about the i-drive Sport?

Just drag the transmission even though the car is running. See the instrument panel in the speedometer. D was changed to S as a sign of the machine is ready lauched. Press deep in the gas pedal.

Rauman 2.0 liter diesel engine Duratorq TDCi 6 speed began to be heard. Remarkably, despite the diesel engine but the engine is very responsive character.

That defeat our assumptions if the diesel engine can not take a drag.

Kept running up to 150 km / hour. The car still feels comfortable. With i-drives, from 0-100 car took 10:53 seconds.

For safety Ford Focus is equipped with security systems ABS, EBD and ESP and Traction Control. So that makes us more comfortable as long as the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the smell of fuel entering the passenger cabin. Yet the key regulator of air circulation is activated specifically in the cabin. Ford should pay more attention to the unpleasant smell it.

Well, from what is felt during the trial, Indonesian consumers deserve a hatchback is the top choice. Ford Focus can be invited to relax and can also be speeding.


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