Cerita mesum seru hot selingkuh

Cerita mesum seru hot selingkuh Real Madrid director Emilio Butragueno assess CKSA Moscow is a tough team. Besides being a dangerous forward, CSKA are accustomed to cold weather and the field with artificial turf.

This is related to the draw for the Champions League last 16, which brings Madrid and CSKA. The first leg will be held at the Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, on February 21, while the second leg will take place at the Santiago Bernabeu on March 14.

"In recent years, CSKA at the highest level in Europe, so we must be vigilant. Great Russian teams and always had good players up front. CSKA also like that," said Butragueno.

"If it reaches the level that we used to show, then we can be very confident. However, anything can happen in football. Because of one small thing or a bad afternoon, you could be knocked out. We need to be alert, pay attention, and hope the players are inspired . "

"They are a dangerous opponent, and other factors will also determine (the game). For example, low temperatures in Moscow in February. Field (Luzhniki Stadium) is also a new thing for us," he said.
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Togel Singapura Hongkong Keluar Hari ini

Togel Singapura Hongkong Keluar Hari ini - Botanical Gardens Agri PT Citra Tbk (CKRA) plans to change the main business of the plantation to the general trade and mining sectors. The way to acquire 88% stake in PT Indo Mines Persada worth Rp 500 million.

At almost the same time, the company also divested its 99.99% stake in PT Horizon Agro Industry, a subsidiary engaged in the plantation. Value of the share sale transaction reached USD 750 billion.

This action is considered a material transaction in accordance with the regulations of Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution Supervisory Agency (Bapepam-LK) No. 9.E.2. But until now the capital market is not yet the referee gave the blessing because there are no documents from CKRA kelanggapan.

"We are awaiting additional information from them. There are some completeness, as had been arranged," said Chief of the Bureau of Real Sector PFM Bapepam-LK, Anis Baridwan in Jakarta, Tuesday (27/12/2011).

After the complete requirements, approval was obtained. These results are then presented to shareholders in the extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders scheduled to be held on 30 December.

"In the new gms later, shareholders are entitled to. It's worth or material transaction was not done. If from our side, want to open information," he said.

Director CKRA Yudhi Yasmie Asmara itself convey, talks continue between the company with Bapepam-LK. December 30, the target company in order to Bapepam to give such permission.

Yudhi promised, if CKRA into general trading and mining company, the company's performance will be better. Where there berkelanjuta income from iron ore business is partly aimed at export markets.

"Certainly the changes will be better. So we planned to do the AGM on 30 Desemeber," added Yudhie.

Improved performance expectations based on their new subsidiary, PT Indo Persada Mine which has produced 24 326 mt of iron ore through September.

"We expect the new subsidiary, PIT capable of production up to 42 thousand mt by 2017. IUP PIT has the form of iron ore DMP covering 2936 ha and is located on the River Nagari Turmeric, district. Sangir cowboy Bali, West Sumatra," said Yudhie.

From the results of management research conducted in 2010, iron ore reserves in Nagari PIT reached 1.827 million mt (excavated area) and 3.636 million mt (area exploitation). So the total reserves reached 5463 million mt.

"But the conservative management of reserves estimates 2.34 million mt of iron ore, because it has not done carefully measured reserves, the management estimates the reserves of iron ore reached 2.34 million mt," he said.

"We also plan to acquire other companies to improve corporate performance. But we can not convey. Later when it's more obvious in-disscole," he concluded.
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Cerita lucu malam pertama lawak

Cerita lucu malam pertama lawak President Director of PT Bukaka Engineering (BTU), Sofiah Balfas, does not meet the calls for police checks Kukar bridge collapse case. There has been no explanation why not meet call Sofiah examination.

Sofiah Balfas requested information by the investigator Police Kukar, Monday (5/12/2011), related to its role as the party of the BTU who signed contracts for bridge maintenance Kunkar. As is known, the suspension bridge that crosses the Mahakam River collapsed during a maintenance work.

Besides Sofiah Balfas, police also called Syahrial Fahrurozi. Fahrurozi along with the Legal Company Laywer PT BTU Ali Abas. Not only that, Hendra, who are also employees of PT BTU participate Mapolres Kukar went though without being called by police.

AFP observation, examination of Fahrurozi and Hendra, beginning around 11:30 pm, housed in one room located on the 2nd floor Mapolres Kukar, Jl Wolter Monginsidi, Tenggarong. Examination of the investigator ended while about 2 hours later to be continued later.

Met after that, Ali Abas told reporters, police investigators are still relevant to ask who won the tender process for PT BTU Kukar bridge repair work in 2011.

"When asked about the bidding process and job description, the question (the investigator) is not related to construction," said Abas.

According to Abas, related to his arrival this time, also has brought a number of documents related to the plan the process of repairing bridges.

"But I do not know what documents were brought. But that relates to personal, personnel directly involved in the project (bridge repairs). The background of the project's exit, not entry of construction materials," said Abas.

"Yes (Sofiah Balfas as Direkur PT BTU). Yes, it (the value of contract bridge repair projects valued at USD 2.7 billion. But I do not know the names of workers who are brought in from Jakarta for this project. But there is a list-list," he asserted.

Then what about the news that PT BTU, as stated by the East Kalimantan Police chief Gen. Bambang Widaryatmo Pol has been negligence in the execution of the bridge repairs to cause the bridge with a span length of 710 meters it collapses? Abas reluctant to respond.

"Not yet, not yet. It was later linked the results of later construction. Where it lies the problem, whether it is part of pekerjan PT Bukaka. It's no work schedule," said Abas.

However PT BTU continuing to deny that some time before the collapse of the bridge, workers were doing repair work items as stated in contract documents.

"There is no job. New job preparation. Later when he raised the bridge, it will shut down the flow of new and out of the vehicle through the bridge," lid Abas.
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Cerita pengalaman malam pertama - Cerita HOT

Cerita pengalaman malam pertama - Cerita HOT Dating can be a bridge to create a closer relationship. But before choosing clothes or make-up that will be used when a date later, think of goals that will be a place of your date later.

Place of dating can support the process of proximity itself. However, where a date could also derail a date. For that, for the sake of success, should avoid the following places, as reported by Elle Canada.

1. Places That Make You Do not Comfortable
Like all food restaurant that does not fit on your tongue. Let's say Thai restaurant, where you do not like with any kind of food there or cafe that sells only alcohol while you do not like liquor. For that, choose a place that you are comfortable to be there so the atmosphere can support.

2. Go to a place that you like
Of course you will feel comfortable when going out in places that you frequently visit. However, you should not choose a place that becomes your favorite. What are the reasons? You will not know dating can run smoothly or not, otherwise it could be a problem when he also likes your favorite place is. You will often meet with the him, of course your favorite place it would not be as comfortable as it once again.

3. Always place your Visit With Former
Although the atmosphere of the restaurant that you frequently visit with the former is very comfortable, but a kuputusan wrong if you invite your date to come into the restaurant. You may be troubled and do not focus because of the memories and then back over to you. Worse yet, you can meet with a former lover who was dating a woman.

4. Place your Hanging With Friends
Every Friday night you often go to a certain cafe with your friends, there is also a favorite hangout of your friends. For that you should not choose a date place, where you will meet many of your friends. As you many greet and chat with your friends, then your attitude can make him feel awkward and left out, let alone have a friend who joined at your table.
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Foto Cut tari terbaru

Cut Tari started again be emcee. This time, he appeared as a host in the event of a company. Cut Tari was tempting the entrepreneurs in attendance. Wow!

Wearing a red dress, Cut Tari appeared cheerful conversation among entrepreneurs. When the session door prizes, he also looks tempting a winner.

"Ah mah see the father who brought his case, instead of choosing his suitcase," she joked during the show at Epicentrum, Brass, South Jakarta, Monday (24/10/2011).

Door prize winner was required to choose a briefcase containing the gifts brought by beautiful women. During her time as host, wife of Johannes Joseph Subrata it looks very cheerful.

Finish the show, Cut Tari also involved discussions with several employers. In fact, he also served when they ask for a photo together.
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Cerita mesum Tante girang kurang kerjaan ngentot

Cerita mesum Tante girang kurang kerjaan ngentot Apple plans to realize their obsessions who want to become a singer through the application to be used in iPod music device. Now, Apple's patent application was registered following.

Cerita mesum Tante girang kurang kerjaan ngentot, With this application, iPod and iPhone devices will be converted into a mobile karaoke system that can help amateur singers to sing properly as a professional singer.

This can be realized through the applications Apple is pinned, where users are taught to achieve the tone and the right key when singing.

Like the karaoke machine, this technology will be stuffed with favorite music. Users are welcome to choose which songs will be sung to the lyrics will be displayed later in the video screen, such as quoted by the Telegraph, Monday (08/22/2011).

When the user starts to sing, the sound that comes out will be analyzed and compared with the sound 'right'.

If a mismatch occurs, then the iPod will help them to correct them. But when the singer was singing the song to perfection, he will be 'awarded' with the effect of appreciation concert hall as a form of success.

For those who love to sing, this application will likely be something to look forward.

Not only help to sing properly, karaoke application also allows users to record their appearance and edit it or compare it with the original song. Unfortunately, not yet known when the application is present on the market.
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Foto Toket Cewek ABG tanpa BH

Foto Toket Cewek ABG tanpa BH in this case had an angle with talking to many people synonymous, but beyond that we can not deny that Lindsay Lohan has a sexy body without STW Bugil Mantap Toket Montok Terbaru 2011 plastic surgery.

Well, is it's top 5 sexy girls have a nice body Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Tante Dewi without plastic surgery is his calling very tempting to the eye. Of course, they won a naturally sexy woman in the world.

Perhaps only 5 sexy girl who can show, Cerita Dewasa Seksinya Ponakan Temanku is the truth still has a lot of sexy girls out there that have beautiful curves. And if your favorite actress in the top 5 sexy girls in this world without plastic surgery?

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Foto-foto Cewek bugil seksi

Foto-foto Cewek bugil seksi, The girls wanted to see you in the eyes of the men's sexy to do a variety of ways, what the body and seductive eyes as sexy looks famous. It is not Video Paha Mulus ABG Beredar di internet uncommon to find artists we try, sexy jokes, using plastic surgery to look here and there, nose, lips and even plastic surgery to enlarge breasts or breasts with silicone injections Cerita Dewasa Main sama Suster.

Perhaps not surprisingly for us all see the sensuous curves of the artists there are girls cerita 17 tahun who look at girls sexy, in fact, the eye can invite to the contours of the body to see, but as I wrote above, the appearance of sexy girls, are not some real or has undergone plastic surgery. Examples of Melinda Dee is sexy, sexy, strong cases Citibank is contested, Cerita Malam pertama Perih sekali many say they look sexy is the result of transformations or plastic surgery.

Unlike five sexy girls and were Hollywood actress who has a sexy body shape without plastic surgery through the steps. 5 sensuality Hollywood artist is clearly inviting too much eye to look at the contours of your body, feet, hips, buttocks, to the premises of the breast.

Want to Cerita Dewasa Seksinya Ponakan Temanku know who are the ones that the ranks of the top 5 girls Sexy Hollywood artists entered, without having to use plastic surgery? Check out this sexy girl.
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Video Paha Mulus ABG Beredar di internet

Video Paha Mulus ABG Beredar di internet HOT dan seksi, ABG manis rambut lurus malu-malu saat di shut pahanya :

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Cerita Dewasa Main sama Suster

Cerita Dewasa Main sama Suster ini adalah cerita nyata dan terjadi kira-kira pertengahan tahun 2008 waktu itu aku masih duduk di kelas 2 SMA, mungkin kalau pacaran model anak SMP/ SMA ok saya pernah, tapi kalau masalah bercinta apa lagi sampe ngentot, terus terang saja aku belum begitu pengalaman. ok gak banyak bicara aku mulai bercerita :

Sebut saja nama wanita itu Ira, karena jujur saja saya tidak tahu siapa namanya. Ira adalah seorang suster rumah sakit dimana saya dirawat. Karena terjangkit gejala pengakit hepatitis, saya harus dirawat di Rumah sakit selama beberapa hari. Selama itu juga Ira setiap saat selalu melayani dan merawatku dengan baik. Orang tuaku terlalu sibuk dengan usaha pertokoan keluarga kami, sehingga selama dirumah sakit, saya
lebih banyak menghabiskan waktu seorang diri, atau kalau pas kebetulan teman-temanku datang membesukku saja.

Yang kuingat, hari itu saya sudah mulai merasa agak baikkan. Saya mulai dapat duduk dari tempat tidur dan berdiri dari tempat tidur sendiri. Padahal sebelumnya, jangankan untuk berdiri, untuk membalikkan tubuh pada saat tidurpun rasanya sangat berat dan lemah sekali. Siang itu udara terasa agak panas, dan pengap. Sekalipun ruang kamarku ber AC, dan cukup luas untuk diriku seorang diri. Namun, saya benar-benar merasa pengap dan sekujur tubuhku rasanya lengket. Yah, saya memang sudah beberapa hari tidak mandi. Maklum, dokter belum mengijinkan aku untuk mandi sampai demamku benar-benar turun.

Akhirnya saya menekan bel yang berada disamping tempat tidurku untuk memanggil suster. Tidak lama kemudian, suster Ira yang kuanggap paling cantik dan paling baik dimataku itu masuk ke kamarku.
"Ada apa Dik?" tanyanya ramah sambil tersenyum, manis sekali. Tubuhnya yang sintal dan agak membungkuk sambil memeriksa suhu tubuhku membuat saya dapat melihat bentuk payudaranya yang terlihat montok dan menggiurkan. "Eh, ini Mbak. Saya merasa tubuhku lengket semua, mungkin karena cuaca hari ini panas banget dan sudah lama saya tidak mandi. Jadi saya mau tanya, apakah saya sudah boleh mandi hari ini mbak?", tanyaku sambil menjelaskan panjang lebar.
Saya memang senang berbincang dengan suster cantik yang satu ini. Dia masih muda, paling tidak cuma lebih tua 4-5 tahun dari usiaku saat itu. Wajahnya yang khas itupun terlihat sangat cantik, seperti orang India kalau dilihat sekilas. "Oh, begitu. Tapi saya tidak berani kasih jawabannya sekarang Dik. Mbak musti tanya dulu sama pak dokter apa adik sudah boleh dimandiin apa belum", jelasnya ramah.

Mendengar kalimatnya untuk "memandikan", saya merasa darahku seolah berdesir keatas otak semua. Pikiran kotorku membayangkan seandainya benar Mbak Ira mau memandikan dan menggosok-gosok sekujur tubuhku. Tanpa sadar saya terbengong sejenak, dan batang kontolku berdiri dibalik celana pasien
rumah sakit yang tipis itu. "Ihh, kamu nakal deh mikirnya. Kok pake ngaceng segala sih, pasti mikir yang ngga-ngga ya. hi hi hi". Mbak Ira ternyata melihat reaksi yang terjadi pada penisku yang memang harus kuakui sempat mengeras sekali tadi. Saya cuma tersenyum menahan malu dan menutut bagian bawah tubuhku
dengan selimut.
"Ngga kok Mbak, cuma spontanitas aja. Ngga mikir macem-macem kok", elakku sambil melihat senyumannya yang semakin manis itu.
"Hmm, kalau memang kamu mau merasa gerah karena badan terasa lengket mbak bisa mandiin kamu, kan itu sudah kewajiban mbak kerja disini. Tapi mbak bener-bener ngga berani kalau pak dokter belum  mengijinkannya", lanjut Mbak Ira lagi seolah memancing gairahku.
"Ngga apa-apa kok mbak, saya tahu mbak ngga boleh sembarangan ambil keputusa" jawabku serius, saya tidak mau terlihat "nakal" dihadapan suster cantik ini. Lagi pula saya belum pengalaman dalam soal memikat wanita.

Suster Ira masih tersenyum seolah menyimpan hasrat tertentu,
kemudian dia mengambil bedak Purol yang ada diatas meja
disamping tempat tidurku.
"Dik, Mbak bedakin aja yah biar ngga gerah dan terasa
lengket", lanjutnya sambil membuka tutup bedak itu dan
melumuri telapak tangannya dengan bedak.
Saya tidak bisa menjawab, jantungku rasanya berdebar kencang.
Tahu-tahu, dia sudah membuka kancing pakaianku dan menyingkap
bajuku. Saya tidak menolak, karena dibedakin juga bisa
membantu menghilangkan rasa gerah pikirku saat itu. Mbak Ira
kemudian menyuruhku membalikkan badan, sehingga sekarang saya
dalam keadaan tengkurap diatas tempat tidur.

Tangannya mulai terasa melumuri punggungku dengan bedak,
terasa sejuk dan halus sekali. Pikiranku tidak bisa
terkontrol, sejak dirumah sakit, memang sudah lama saya tidak
membayangkan hal-hal tentang seks, ataupun melakukan onani
sebagaimana biasanya saya lakukan dirumah dalam keadaan sehat.
Kontolku benar-benar berdiri dan mengeras tertimpa oleh
tubuhku sendiri yang dalam keadaan tenglungkup. Rasanya ingin
kugesek-gesekkan kontolku di permukaan ranjang, namun tidak
mungkin kulakukan karena ada Mbak Ira saat ini. fantasiku
melayang jauh, apalagi sesekali tangannya yang mungil itu
meremas pundakku seperti sedang memijat. Terasa ada cairan
bening mengalir dari ujung kontolku karena terangsang.

Beberapa saat kemudian mbak Ira menyuruhku membalikkan badan.
Saya merasa canggung bukan main, karena takut dia kembali
melihat kontolku yang ereksi.
"Iya Mbak..", jawabku sambil berusaha menenangkan diri,
sayapun membalikkan tubuhku.
Kini kupandangi wajahnya yang berada begitu dekat denganku,
rasanya dapat kurasakan hembusan nafasnya dibalik hidung
mancungnya itu. Kucoba menekan perasaan dan pikiran kotorku
dengan memejamkan mata.
Sekarang tangannya mulai membedaki dadaku, jantungku kutahan
sekuat mungkin agar tidak berdegup terlalu kencang. Saya
benar-benar terangsang sekali, apalagi saat beberapa kali
telapak tangannya menyentuh putingku.
"Ahh, geli dan enak banget", pikirku.
"Wah, kok jadi keras ya? he he he", saya kaget mendengar
ucapannya ini.
"Ini loh, putingnya jadi keras.. kamu terangsang ya?"

Mendengar ucapannya yang begitu vulgar, saya benar-benar
terangsang. Kontolku langsung berdiri kembali bahkan lebih
keras dari sebelumnya. Tapi saya tidak berani berbuat apa-apa,
cuma berharap dia tidak melihat kearah kontolku. Saya cuma
tersenyum dan tidak bicara apa-apa. Ternyata Mbak Ira semakin
berani, dia sekarang bukan lagi membedaki tubuhku, melainkan
memainkan putingku dengan jari telunjuknya. Diputar-putar dan
sesekali dicubitnya putingku.
"Ahh, geli Mbak. Jangan digituin", kataku menahan malu.
"Kenapa? Ternyata cowok bisa terangsang juga yah kalau
putingnya dimainkan gini", lanjutnya sambil melepas jari-jari
Saya benar-benar kehabisan kata-kata, dilema kurasakan. Disatu
sisi saya ingin terus di"kerjain" oleh mbak Ira, satu sisi
saya merasa malu dan takut ketahuan orang lain yang mungkin
saja tiba-tiba masuk.

"Dik Iwan sudah punya pacar?", tanya mbak Ira kepadaku.
"Belum Mbak", jawabku berdebar, karena membayangkan ke arah
mana dia akan berbicara.
"Dik Iwan, pernah main sama cewek ngga?", tanyanya lagi.
"Belum mbak" jawabku lagi.
"hi.. hi.. hi.. masa ngga pernah main sama cewek sih",
lanjutnya centil.
Aduh pikirku, betapa bodohnya saya bisa sampai terjebak
olehnya. Memangnya "main" apaan yang saya pikirkan barusan.
Pasti dia berpikir saya benar-benar "nakal" pikirku saat itu.
"Pantes deh, de Iwan dari tadi mbak perhatiin ngaceng terus,
Dik Iwan mau main-main sama Mbak ya?
Wow, nafsuku langsung bergolak. Saya cuma terbengong-bengong.
Belum sempat saya menjawab, mbak Ira sudah memulai aksinya.
Dicumbuinya dadaku, diendus dan ditiup-tiupnya putingku.
Terasa sejuk dan geli sekali, kemudian dijilatnya putingku,
dan dihisap sambil memainkan putingku didalam mulutnya dengan
lidah dan gigi-gigi kecilnya.
"Ahh, geli Mbak"m rintihku keenakan.

Kemudian dia menciumi leherku, telingaku, dan akhirnya
mulutku. Awalnya saya cuma diam saja tidak bisa apa-apa,
setelah beberapa saat saya mulai berani membalas ciumannya.
Saat lidahnya memaksa masuk dan menggelitik langit-langit
mulutku, terasa sangat geli dan enak, kubalas dengan
memelintir lidahnya dengan lidahku. Kuhisap lidahnya
dalam-dalam dan mengulum lidahnya yang basah itu. Sesekali
saya mendorong lidahku kedalam mulutnya dan terhisap oleh
mulutnya yang merah tipis itu. Tanganku mulai berani, mulai
kuraba pinggulnya yang montok itu. Namun, saat saya mencoba
menyingkap rok seragam susternya itu, dia melepaskan diri.
"Jangan di sini Dik, ntar kalau ada yang tiba-tiba masuk bisa
gawat", katanya.
Tanpa menunggu jawabanku, dia langsung menuntunku turun dari
tempat tidur dan berjalan masuk ke kamar mandi yang terletak
disudut kamar.

Di dalam kamar mandi, dikuncinya pintu kamar mandi. Kemudian
dia menghidupkan kran bak mandi sehingga suara deru air agak
merisik dalam ruang kecil itu. Tangannya dengan tangkas
menanggalkan semua pakaian dan celanaku sampai saya telangjang
bulat. Kemudian dia sendiripun melepas topi susternya,
digantungnya di balik pintu, dan melepas beberapa kancing
seragamnya sehingga saya sekarang dapat melihat bentuk
sempurna payudaranya yang kuning langsat dibalik Bra-nya yang
berwarna hitam. Kami pun melanjutkan cumbuan kami, kali ini
lebih panas dan bernafsu. Saya belum pernah berciuman dengan
wanita, namun mbak Ira benar-benar pintar membimbingku.
Sebentar saja sudah banyak jurus yang kepelajari darinya dalam
berciuman. Kulumat bibirnya dengan bernafsu. Kontolku yang
berdiri tegak kudekatkan kepahanya dan kugesek-gesekkan. Ahh
enak sekali. Tanganku pun makin nekat meremas dan membuka
Bra-nya. Kini dia sudah bertelanjang dada dihadapanku, kuciumi
puting susunya, kuhisap dan memainkannya dengan lidah dan
sesekali menggigitnya.
"Yes, enak.. ouh geli Wan, ah.. kamu pinter banget sih",
desahnya seolah geram sambil meremas rambutku dan
membenamkannya ke dadanya.

Kini tangannya mulai meraih kontolku, digenggamnya. Tersentak
saya dibuatnya. Genggamannya begitu erat, namun terasa hangat
dan nikmat. Saya pun melepas kulumanku di putingnya, kini
kududuk diatas closet sambil membiarkan Mbak Ira memainkan
kontolku dengan tangannya. Dia jongkok mengahadap
selangkanganku, dikocoknya kontolku pelan-pelan dengan kedua
"Ahh, enak banget Mbak.. asik.. ahh... ahh..", desahku menahan
agar tidak menyemburkan maniku cepat-cepat.
Kuremas payudaranya saat dia terus mengocok kontolku, sekarang
kulihat dia mulai menyelipkan tangan kirinya diselangkannya
sendiri, digosok-gosoknya tangannya ke arah memeknya sendiri.
Melihat aksinya itu saya benar-benar terangsang sekali.
Kujulurkan kakiku dan ikut memainkan memeknya dengan jempol
kakiku. Ternyata dia tidak mengelak, dia malah melepas celana
dalamnya dan berjongkok tepat diatas posisi kakiku.

Kami saling melayani, tangannya mengocok kontolku pelan sambil
melumurinya dengan ludahnya sehingga makin licin dan basah,
sementara saya sibuk menggelitik memeknya yang ditumbuhi
bulu-bulu keriting itu dengan kakiku. Terasa basah dan sedikit
becek, padahal saya cuma menggosok-gosok saja dengan jempol
"Yes.. ah.. nakal banget kamu Wan.. em, em, eh.. enak banget",
desahnya keras.
Namun suara cipratan air bak begitu keras sehingga saya tidak
khawatir didengar orang. Saya juga membalas desahannya dengan
keras juga.
"Mbak Ira, sedotin kontol saya dong.. please.. saya kepingin
banget", pintaku karena memang sudah dari tadi saya
mengharapkan sedotan mulutnya di kontolku seperti adegan film
BF yang biasa kutonton.
"Ih.. kamu nakal yah", jawabnya sambil tersenyum.
Tapi ternyata dia tidak menolak, dia mulai menjilati kepala
kontolku yang sudah licin oleh cairan pelumas dan air ludahnya
itu. Saya cuma bisa menahan nafas, sesaat gerakan jempol
kakiku terhenti menahan kenikmatan yang sama sekali belum
pernah kurasakan sebelumnya.

Dan tiba-tiba dia memasukkan kontolku ke dalam mulutnya yang
terbuka lebar, kemudian dikatupnya mulutnya sehingga kini
kontolku terjepit dalam mulutnya, disedotnya sedikit batang
kontolku sehingga saya merasa sekujur tubuhku serasa
mengejang, kemudian ditariknya kontolku keluar.
"Ahh.. ahh..", saya mendesah keenakkan setiap kali tarikan
tangannya dan mulutnya untuk mengeluarkan kontolku dari
jepitan bibirnya yang manis itu.
Kupegang kepalanya untuk menahan gerakan tarikan kepalanya
agar jangan terlalu cepat. Namun, sedotan dan jilatannya
sesekali disekeliling kepala kontolku didalam mulutnya
benar-benar terasa geli dan nikmat sekali.
Tidak sampai diulang 10 kali, tiba-tiba saya merasa getaran di
sekujur batang kontolku. Kutahan kepalanya agar kontolku tetap
berada dsidalam mulutnya. Seolah tahu bahwa saya akan segera
"keluar", Mbak Ira menghisap semakin kencang, disedot dan
terus disedotnya kontolku. Terasa agak perih, namun sangat
enak sekali.
"AHH.. AHH.. Ahh.. ahh", teriakku mendadak tersemprot cairan
mani yang sangat kental dan banyak karena sudah lama tidak
dikeluarkan itu kedalam mulut mbak Ira.

Dia terus memnghisap dan menelan maniku seolah menikmati
cairan yang kutembakkan itu, matanya merem-melek seolah ikut
merasakan kenikmatan yang kurasakan. Kubiarkan beberapa saat
kontolku dikulum dan dijilatnya sampai bersih, sampai kontolku
melemas dan lunglai, baru dilepaskannya sedotannya. Sekarang
dia duduk di dinding kamar mandi, masih mengenakan pakaian
seragam dengan kancing dan Bra terbuka, ia duduk dan
mengangkat roknya ke atas, sehingga kini memeknya yang sudah
tidak ditutupi CD itu terlihat jelas olehku. Dia mebuka lebar
pahanya, dan digosok-gosoknya memeknya dengan jari-jari
mungilnya itu. Saya cuma terbelalak dan terus menikmati
pemandangan langka dan indah ini. Sungguh belum pernah saya
melihat seorang wanita melakukan masturbasi dihadapanku secara
langsung, apalagi wanita itu secantik dan semanis mbak Ira.
Sesaat kemudian kontolku sudah mulai berdiri lagi, kuremas dan
kukocok sendiri kontolku sambil tetap duduk di atas toilet
sambil memandang aktifitas "panas" yang dilakukan mbak Ira.
Desahannya memenuhi ruang kamar mandi, diselingi deru air bak
mandi sehingga desahan itu menggema dan terdengar begitu

Saat melihat saya mulai ngaceng lagi dan mulai mengocok kontol
sendiri, Mbak Ira tampak semakin terangsang juga.
Tampak tangannya mulai menyelip sedikit masuk kedalam
memeknya, dan digosoknya semakin cepat dan cepat. Tangan
satunya lagi memainkan puting susunya sendiri yang masih
mengeras dan terlihat makin mancung itu.
"Ihh, kok ngaceng lagi sih.. belum puas ya..", canda mbak Ira
sambil mendekati diriku.
Kembali digenggamnya kontolku dengan menggunakan tangan yang
tadi baru saja dipakai untuk memainkan memeknya. Cairan
memeknya di tangan itu membuat kontolku yang sedari tadi sudah
mulai kering dari air ludah mbak Ira, kini kembali basah. Saya
mencoba membungkukkan tubuhku untuk meraih memeknya dengan
jari-jari tanganku, tapi Mbak Ira menepisnya.
"Ngga usah, biar cukup mbak aja yang puasin kamu.. hehehe",
agak kecewa saya mendengar tolakannya ini.
Mungkin dia khawatir saya memasukkan jari tanganku sehingga
merusak selaput darahnya pikirku, sehingga saya cuma diam saja
dan kembali menikmati permainannya atas kontolku untuk kedua
kalinya dalam kurun waktu 10 menit terakhir ini.

Kali ini saya bertahan cukup lama, air bak pun sampai penuh
sementara kami masih asyik "bermain" di dalam sana. Dihisap,
disedot, dan sesekali dikocoknya kontolku dengan cepat,
benar-benar semua itu membuat tubuhku terasa letih dan basah
oleh peluh keringat. Mbak Ira pun tampak letih, keringat
mengalir dari keningnya, sementara mulutnya terlihat sibuk
menghisap kontolku sampai pipinya terlihat kempot. Untuk
beberapa saat kami berkonsentrasi dengan aktifitas ini. Mbak
Ira sunggu hebat pikirku, dia mengulum kontolku, namun dia
juga sambil memainkan memeknya sendiri.

Setelah beberapa saat, dia melepaskan hisapannya.
Dia merintih, "Ah.. ahh.. ahh.. Mbak mau keluar Wan, Mbak mau
keluar", teriaknya sambil mempercepat gosokan tangannya.
"Sini mbak, saya mau menjilatnya", jawabku spontan, karena
teringat adegan film BF dimana pernah kulihat prianya menjilat
memek wanita yang sedang orgasme dengan bernafsu.
Mbak Ira pun berdiri di hadapanku, dicondongkannya memeknya ke
arah mulutku.
"Nih.. cepet hisap Wan, hisap..", desahnya seolah memelas.

Langsung kuhisap memeknya dengan kuat, tanganku terus mengocok
kontolku. Aku benar-benar menikmati pengalaman indah ini.
Beberapa saat kemudian kurasakan getaran hebat dari pinggul
dan memeknya. Kepalaku dibenamkannya ke memeknya sampai
hidungku tergencet diantara bulu-bulu jembutnya. Kuhisap dan
kusedot sambil memainkan lidahku di seputar kelentitnya.
"Ahh.. ahh..", desah mbak Ira disaat terakhir berbarengan
dengan cairan hangat yang mengalir memenuhi hidung dan
mulutku, hampir muntah saya dibuatnya saking banyaknya cairan
yang keluar dan tercium bau amis itu.
Kepalaku pusing sesaat, namun rangsangan benar-benar kurasakan
bagaikan gejolak pil ekstasi saja, tak lama kemudian sayapun
orgasme untuk kedua kalinya. Kali ini tidak sebanyak yang
pertama cairan yang keluar, namun benar-benar seperti
membawaku terbang ke langit ke tujuh.

Kami berdua mendesah panjang, dan saling berpelukkan. Dia
duduk diatas pangkuanku, cairan memeknya membasahi kontolku
yang sudah lemas. Kami sempat berciuman beberapa saat dan
meninggalkan beberapa pesan untuk saling merahasiakan kejadian
ini dan membuat janji dilain waktu sebelum akhirnya kami
keluar dari kamar mandi. Dan semuanya masih dalam keadaan
aman-aman saja.

Mbak Ira, adalah wanita pertama yang mengajariku permainan
seks. Sejak itu saya sempat menjalin hubungan gelap dengan
Mbak Ira selama hampir 2 tahun, selama SMA saya dan dia sering
berjanji bertemu, entah di motel ataupun di tempat kostnya
yang sepi. Keperjakaanku tidak hanya kuberikan kepadanya, tapi
sebaliknya keperawanannya pun akhirnya kurenggut setelah
beberapa kali kami melakukan sekedar esek-esek.

Kini saya sudah kuliah di luar kota, sementara Mbak Ira masih
kerja di Rumah sakit itu. Saya jarang menanyakan kabarnya,
lagi pula hubunganku dengannya tidak lain hanya sekedar saling
memuaskan kebutuhan seks. Konon, katanya dia sering merasa
"horny" menjadi perawat. Begitu pula pengakuan teman-temannya
sesama suster. Saya bahkan sempat beberapa kali bercinta
dengan teman-teman Mbak Ira. Pengalaman masuk rumah sakit,
benar-benar membawa pengalaman indah bagi hidupku, paling
tidak masa mudaku benar-benar nikmat. Mbak Ira, benar-benar
fantastis menurutku.

Cerita Dewasa ini Tamat
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Cerita lucah melayu malaysia

Cerita lucah melayu malaysia - Jika Anda kebetulan menjadi salah satu dari orang tua dengan anak pemberontak Cerita lucah melayu malaysia , silakan jantung. Tuhan tahu apa yang Anda benar-benar akan melalui. Sebenarnya, Dia mengatakan Cerita lucah melayu malaysia kepada kami bagaimana menghadapi dilema ini dalam kisah anak yang hilang dalam Lukas 15, yang menunjukkan kepada kita bahwa bahkan Allah - Bapa yang sempurna - memiliki anak-anak yang pemberontak. Tapi perhatikan Dia tidak mengalami serangan panik, juga tidak Dia memukuli dirinya sendiri, Anda tidak harus baik.

Jika Anda berada di tengah-tengah pemberontakan putra atau putrinya, berikut adalah beberapa hal untuk membantu Anda melalui tren ini.

1. Memanfaatkan kekuatan doa.

Kami dapat membantu mempersiapkan hati orang muda, namun itu adalah Allah yang akan mengubahnya. Berdoalah untuk anak Anda setiap hari, dan jangan malu untuk membawa orang lain untuk berdoa baginya.

2. Permintaan maaf untuk cara Anda mungkin telah gagal.

Singkirkan dari setiap hambatan yang akan menghalangi dia dari bergerak menuju pengampunan sendiri.

3. Biarkan efek negatif melakukan pekerjaan mereka.

Untuk yang terbaik dari kemampuan Anda, biarkan dia menghadapi hasil keputusan-keputusannya. Menahan diri untuk campur tangan, Anda tidak akan ingin menghentikan proses pertobatan.

4. Check out Alkitab.

Dalam beberapa kasus garis mendapat berbulu antara menjaga hati yang lembut dan memungkinkan dampak terjadi. Ini adalah ketika Anda perlu untuk bersandar pada Tuhan untuk hikmat ilahi. Yakobus 1:5 mengatakan, "Jika ada yang tidak memiliki hikmat, ia harus bertanya kepada Tuhan, yang memberikan dengan murah hati kepada semua tanpa menemukan kesalahan, dan dapat diberikan kepadanya."

5. Jangan menambahkan marah untuk pemberontakannya.

Melestarikan semua jalur komunikasi tetap terbuka. Menikmati interaksi dengan dia di luar kali Anda dipaksa untuk mengelola sikap yang suka memberontak. Menyediakan dia dengan banyak alasan untuk percaya bahwa Anda tidak hanya masih mencintainya, tapi menikmati perusahaannya dan masih memiliki keyakinan di masa depannya.

6. Jangan biarkan anak Anda memberontak menghancurkan hubungan Anda yang lain.

Dalam beberapa kasus pemberontakan mengharuskan Anda menempatkan pedoman dalam hidup Anda sehingga situasi tidak berdampak buruk anak-anak lain atau serikat pekerja Anda.

7. Pastikan pemberontak tahu bahwa ia memiliki ruang untuk bertobat.

Dia perlu untuk percaya pintu Anda selalu terbuka. Seperti hilang, anak durhaka Anda harus memiliki keyakinan bahwa jika atau ketika ia datang ke akal sehatnya, Anda memiliki tempat untuknya di meja Anda, dan di dalam hatimu.

8. Cenderung bagi Allah untuk menggunakan Anda untuk membantu orang.

Jadilah tersedia untuk membantu orang lain akan melalui masalah yang setara. Seperti 2 Korintus 1:3-4 mengingatkan kita, "Pujilah akan Allah dan Bapa yang menghibur kami dalam segala penderitaan kami, sehingga kami sanggup menghibur mereka dalam setiap masalah dengan penghiburan yang kami sendiri telah diperoleh dari Allah."

9. Membuat hidup Anda lebih menarik.

Pasokan motif hilang untuk ingin Cerita lucah melayu malaysia berbalik. Anda tidak ingin memberikan contoh hal yang mungkin berbalik dia ke iman. Tunjukkan padanya apa yang iman kasih karunia berbasis hidup terlihat seperti. Jangan terganggu dengan persuasif bahwa orang Kristen benar. Sebaliknya, menunjukkan bahwa orang Kristen yang baik. Biarkan dia melihat bahwa di dalam kebaikan Anda adalah kemampuan kuat untuk memaafkan dia ketika akhirnya dia lelah berjalan dari Allah.
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cerita 17 tahun

cerita 17 tahun Photographs showing the tattoo on the abdomen Syahrini again discussed. However, when confirmed, Syahrini also denied any tattoos.

Syahrini through the little brother of an assistant at the same time, denied Aisyahrani singer of 'I'm No Ordinary' has a tattoo. In fact he claimed to have seen the photos.

"Really circulating on the internet huh? I do not know. Syahrini baseball had a tattoo," he said when contacted by phone on Tuesday (23/08/2011).

In the photo Syahrini seen in action on stage, wearing a skimpy white shirt and tight blue jeans. He does look fun to dance with the microphone in his right hand.

I was so much fun dancing, leotards Syahrini was slightly exposed. As a result, the stomach looks to views of her tattoos. There are two photographs that clearly shows the tattoo Syahrini.
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Cerita Malam pertama Perih sekali

Cerita Malam pertama Perih sekali arrested pair Chris Adcock / Imogen Bankier in the semifinals of World Badminton Championships 2011. As a result Indonesia was no longer a player remains.

Tontowi / Liliyana is an excellent two unexpectedly gave up two straight games, 21-16 and 21-19, of the couple Adcock / Cerita Malam pertama Perih sekali Bankier are couples hodgepodge British / Scottish, non-seeded.

In the first games, Tontowi / Liliyana even have to catch up to the position 12-12. Had to walk a lot, they then forced stuck on 16 points while his opponent to lock the victory in these games.

In both games, Tontowi / Liliyana not even once been able to pursue points Adcock / Bankier, who constantly superior to finally ensure the ticket to the final total in the party that runs for 39 minutes.

This is another surprise of Adcock / Bankier Cerita Malam pertama Perih sekali in the quarter also presents a surprise by subvert China's fourth seed, Tao Jiaming / Tian Qing, by 21-16 and 21-18.

Meanwhile defeat Tontowi / Liliyana make Indonesia no longer has a representative in the final round. Previous men's doubles Mohammad Ahsan / Bona Septano also eliminated in the Cerita Malam pertama Perih sekali semifinals.
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Cerita Dewasa Seksinya Ponakan Temanku

Cerita Dewasa Seksinya Ponakan Temanku Happy to be boyfriend Justin. That is what is felt Selena Gomez. Suddenly, Selena had a gift from her lover. What is it? The gift is a perfume.

And it is considered to Selena as a very romantic thing. Although, given the gift does not fit in the time of Selena's birthday.

"No problem. For me it's Cerita Dewasa Seksinya Ponakan Temanku already proved that she cares about me. I was deeply moved when he gave the perfume," he said as quoted by Female First Thursday (04/08/2011).

According to Selena, Justin was given a gift for her because she will launch a single titled "Love You Like a Love Song '. Not only that, Selena will also play in the new movie.

"This is a very beautiful gift for me. He was very considerate to me," Cerita Dewasa Seksinya Ponakan Temanku she says.
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STW Bugil Mantap Toket Montok Terbaru 2011

STW Bugil Mantap Toket Montok Terbaru 2011 Bad luck seemed to descend Sousuke Takaoka. This famous Japanese actors must swallow the bitter fired from the agency because it is more like drama and Japanese television programs than Korean dramas.

Korean fever is sweeping the world of course also present in Japan. Japanese television is filled with drama and singer from Korea. This seems to grip the actor who first played in the drama "Heaven's Kiss' (1999) it.

"If anything related to Korea's on TV, I would immediately turn off the TV," Sousuke said through his personal twitter account on Monday (7/24/2011).

As not enough, he returned to add STW Bugil Mantap Toket Montok Terbaru 2011 that he felt like a brainwashed Korean with events and just want to watch the Japanese original.

"I'm scared every time I hear the word 'Hallyu'. Drama Japan is also good. I do not understand why they always show the Korean drama," added Sousuke.

Because the statement that streak, Sousuke finally fired from the agency during this shelter 'Stardust Promotion'. Tweetnya controversial considered problematic for the agency, not only for himself. To this, he commented STW Bugil Mantap Toket Montok Terbaru 2011 without protest.
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Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Tante Dewi

Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Tante Dewi As an everyday person who often spent time together, is well aware Nuril Anwar Mohammed Nazaruddin temperament. In the eyes of men who are now taking Pedidikan S2 majoring in Management at the State University of Jakarta (UNJ), it is a very Nazaruddin temperament.

"He was that his staff works not in accordance with his expectations, he could be cursed freely. I just never dikatain illiterate when told to make a letter, so he dictated over the phone," the story Nuril.

Nuril mentioned it when talking to Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Tante Dewi AFP in the area of ​​Tebet, South Jakarta, Friday (07/29/2011). Not only Nuril who often got scolded Nazaruddin, almost the entire staff, all-out once scolded by a man who is now a suspect in Kemenpora it.

In fact, according Nuril, Nazaruddin not only likes to berate and curse. Former Treasurer of PD was also once kicked Nazaruddin driver named Aan. "Aan was often kicked by Mr. Nazar, he is the temperament," said Nuril.

According Nuril, Nazaruddin also like people who have no fear of anyone. When the case started sticking and he began to destitute, even threatening Chairman Nazaruddin PD Anas Urbaningrum and Benny K Harman.

"When I was in Bali, it threatens Pak Pak Nazaruddin Anas and Benny, at that time I was there but I did not hear because I was away. But Mr. Nazar said to me, if he was just threatening, if he does not help he would blow up the matter World Congress 2010, "said Nuril.

However Nuril also do not know for sure what is meant by Nazaruddin boom at that time. However Nuril suspected, the possibility that it is meant Nazar-accusation accusation thrown Nazar in the media lately.

"And that he is not no proof, if indeed he did have evidence, please bring to Indonesia so that all clear," said Nuril who now claim to feel like cooling down after being made dizzy by Nazaruddin.

As a staff, claiming to know lunge Nuril Nazaruddin. Therefore, always set off wantinya Nazaruddin to never tell what he knew to others.

"But it was he himself who mentioned me from her Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Tante Dewi hiding place, yes I am disappointed," said Nuril.
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Foto Fanny Fabriana Bugil Telanjang

Foto Fanny Fabriana Bugil Telanjang Once married to Zacky Badruddin on July 9, Fanny Fabriana seems to temporarily have to leave the world of soap operas. Her husband forbade Fanny to play catch running soap opera.

"If shooting stripping Zacky said no, that FTV may lah," said a woman from Bandung was when met at the launch of Fashion Vodka at the Equinox, Plaza Senayan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (07/27/2011) night.

Nonetheless, the film stars Foto Fanny Fabriana Bugil Telanjang 'Wolf' was able to return to the world model that made ​​his name. Gemnilangnya early career in the modeling world started when Fanny becomes Cover Girl Aneka Magazine 1999

Despite the prohibition to playing the soap opera, Fanny recognizes that the husband was sufficient to support a career she lived. But the actress was born January 29, 1985, the family remains a priority.

"Modelling, presenting to the time of origin can Zacky were happy, whatever as long as it's a good job I definitely support it," Foto Fanny Fabriana Bugil Telanjang he explained.
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Mantap Togel 2D 3D 4D

Mantap Togel 2D 3D 4D Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk PT (MIDI) recorded a net profit of Rp 7.127 billion by the end of June 2011, up 117.35% from the previous period, USD 3.279 billion. Profit supported by the significant increase in revenue.

According to the financial statements MIDI published on Thursday (07/28/2011), net income Alfa Midi retail companies reached USD 1.129 trillion this. Mantap Togel 2D 3D 4D Growth occurs 77.51% of the previous period, Rp 636.63 billion.

Company's gross profit reached USD 232.979 billion in the first half of 2011, an increase of 93.43% compared to the previous period to Rp 120.44 trillion.

Profit before taxes reached USD 6.499 billion, with earnings per share stood at Rp 2.47. There is an increase compared to first half of 2010, USD 1.34 per share.

The Mantap Togel 2D 3D 4D Company also recorded an increase in assets of Rp 1.114 trillion in the first half of 2010 to Rp 1.16 trillion. Where the total obligation of MIDI until the end of June to Rp 777.705 billion, up slightly from the previous Rp 738.78 billion.
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Foto Mulan Jameela Bugil Telanjang Toket

Foto Mulan Jameela Bugil Telanjang Toket It is not strange if Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj even Lady Gaga nyleneh stylish and surprising, but what happens if Mulan desperate attractive style?

Since its first appearance after missing because of her pregnancy, Mulan did choose to change dadanannya become more colorful and quirky at every stage of action. Mulan also have reason about the choice of costume. For him, music was expressing not just voice, but also a unique costume. So what stage costumes as unique as Mulan? Let's see transformsi Mulan costume in early 2011 to date.

Girl is Foto Mulan Jameela Bugil Telanjang Toket identical to glass'll always look okay, but what happens if there is a mirror stuck on the chest? Mulan choose the mirror as an accessory when appearing on stage costumes Hits List RCTI, April 30. And without having to carry around a mirror, Mulan will still look cute with his boots and ballerina skirt. Try to compare it with the Katy Perry who chose the same dress just minus the mirror!

There is a saying willing umbrella before it rains, but for Mulan figuratively it can mean willing umbrella before singing. Still in the same event, Hits List RCTI, accompanied Dhani Mulan perform one single Abracadabra. Looks like in addition to singing Mulan also cast spells and voilla ... Abracadabra! Tampilah umbrella over his head. Unique? Wait a minute, try to compare with Lady Gaga headdress made ​​from the original blond hair. You think, which is more unique?

This time the shoe is inspired horseshoe Mulan Lady Gaga Strikes when appearing in early May. Wearing a mini dress with asymmetrical gothic gold trinkets, Mulan appear confident with horseshoe boots or shoes platform shoes with no rights. These shoes are definitely not comfortable to wear, but for the sake of style on stage, horseshoe boots still be an option. You think, whichever is okay, shoe horseshoe Gaga or Mulan?

If during this umbrella girl is only there on the racecourse, Mulan desperate to bring it into the attribute stage. Unfortunately, no longer so protective umbrella body of the heat, but Mulan actually make it as a dress! Uniquely if usually skirt this umbrella is always facing down like a skirt that dikenalan Miss Essex (Bethany Tamsett) in the contest British princess, but Mulan actually wearing an umbrella with a position facing up. What an eye-popping Foto Memek Mulan Jameela Bugil Telanjang Toket costume!
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Manohara Bugil Telanjang Toket

Manohara Bugil Telanjang Toket Circulation of actress sexy photos Manohara with his mother, Daisy Fajarina had a warm conversation in cyberspace. However, Mano was bored when asked about it.

"I do not have time to discuss it anymore," he said when met at the Opening of The 21st President's Cup, Tennis Indoor Senayan, South Jakarta, on Monday (04/06/2011) night.

Kelantan prince's ex-wife thought nothing strange of the picture. Mano is a soap opera star 'Supergirl' is also not want to if people bother showing photos sexiness and mother and child Manohara Bugil Telanjang Toket.

Mano appear in the photo wearing tight gold jumpsuit, and she was also wearing a dress with low cleavage. But again virgin bloody Frenchman confirmed if the mother's chest in the photo the stretcher has been through the editing process.

"If it's already I jelasin well, no body parts were edited mama, and I think it's also already passed it, so it already is," tepisnya hurrying Manohara Bugil Telanjang Toket.
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Foto Bugil Mulan Jameela terbaru HOT

Foto Bugil Mulan Jameela terbaru HOT Month of fasting seems to be the month for Mulan spend time with family. It came out of it after a show on RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Wednesday (07/20/2011).

"The month of fasting more with family. Spending time with family," he added.

Not only that, women who have the complete name Raden Terry Tantri Wulansari it claimed to want to run the congregational prayers with her children.

However, Foto Bugil Mulan Jameela terbaru HOT Mulan say if not just in the month of fasting just wanted to get closer, and teach children about religion.

"Months before, they can. Like the schools, the month of fasting that such a test for children. If you close the same religion, yes ngajarinnya do not have in the month of fasting," said a woman born in Garut, August 23, 1979 it Foto Bugil Mulan Jameela terbaru HOT.
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Foto Julia Perez Bugil Telanjang

Julia Perez Bugil Telanjang Soon the holy month of Ramadan is coming soon. The celebrities have prepared everything, including Julia Perez. Actress who was called by Jupe greeting claimed Muslims were busy buying clothes.

"Iya nih busy Muslim clothes. Foto Julia Perez Bugil Telanjang Prepare yourself with things like that," he said when met at the East Jakarta District Court on Tuesday (19/07/2011).

Not only was the fasting month later, lover Gaston Castano also will rarely appear on television. That's because he was busy working on her second album. Moreover, Jupiter will also be working on a video clip that is located outside Jakarta.

"Located in Jakarta and Yogyakarta later music video, so yes indeed I will be rarely nonggol on television. Even if there are invites yeah I came to respect the invite," he said again.

Photo Julia Perez Bugil Telanjang And what about the worship that will run during the month of Ramadan Jupe later? "If it's not just worship in the month of Ramadan alone. Every day we can also worship in Ramadan, but maybe I will be faster in order to move closer to his worship of Allah," he said, say amen.
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Ashanty dan Anang Menikah

Hello kawan kali ini saya akan memposting ttg Ashanty dan Anang Menikah, hmm lucu ya judulnya, hehehe .. bukan menikah si .. tapi tepatnya rencana pernikahan, ok mau tau kelanjutannya ? kita sama-sama simak penuturannya di bawah ini :

( detikhot.com )  Jakarta Baru sebentar pacaran, pasangan Anang Hermansyah dan Ashanty sudah mulai bicara soal pernikahan. Ashanty pun mengaku ingin menikah pakai adat Jawa.

"Pinginnya adat Jawa, karena mama dan papa kan orang Jawa, dan selalu minta kalau misalnya nanti aku menikah, pinginnya anaknya pakai adat Jawa," ujar Ashanty ditemui bersama Anang di Epicentrum, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, Kamis (30/6/2011) malam.

Jika Ashanty sudah bisa membayangkan pernikahannya kelak, lalu kapan ia akan diajak Anang ke pelaminan? Anang pun hanya bisa menjawab "Insya Allah."

Menurut Ashanty pernikahan memerlukan proses panjang. Banyak kebutuhan yang harus dipenuhi sebelum akhirnya mengucap janji sehidup semati. Lalu apa yang diinginkan dara keturunan Arab itu?

"Kalau perempuan kan kalau mau nikah pasti minta ini, minta itu. Bukan berat sih, kita sih lebih cari duit dulu yang banyak, jadi apa yang kita inginkan bisa tercapai. Masih panjang prosesnya pokoknyalah," jelas Ashanty.

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Julia perez senang berolah raga bikin badan seksi

Hello kawan, Hari ini aku ingin ngepost tentang Julia perez yang senang sekali berolah raga dari pada keluyuran di Mall ga jelas, nah pengen tau gossip nya kita liat cuplikan nya :

( Detik.com )  Aktris seksi Julia Perez membeberkan pengakuannya kalau dia lebih suka olahraga ketimbang berbelanja untuk menghabiskan waktu senggangnya. Menurutnya, menonton sepakbola atau bermain golf lebih seru ketimbang pergi ke mal.

"Dari dulu aku suka sepakbola, golf juga. Kalau golf, aku awalnya menemani teman, lihat saja. Stick golf juga dikasih. Golf sekarang buat ngendorin otot saja dan jadi favorit buat aku," ujar Jupe, di Studio RCTI, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Selatan, Selasa (17/5/2011).

Dikatakan Jupe, banyak manfaat yang ia dapatkan dengan bermain bola dan golf. Selain dapat menghilangkan stres, hobinya tersebut juga tidak menghamburkan uang.

"Daripada shopping ke mall kurusin dompet. Bola (golf) cuma Rp 50 ribu, bayar caddy. Olahraga bikin murah dibanding ke mall," katanya seraya tertawa.

Meski demikian, bukan berarti kekasih Gaston Castano itu tidak suka pergi belanja. Jupe hanya akan membeli barang sesuai kebutuhannya.
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Vettel Pole Thanks To KERS

Red Bull dominate qualifying session three major Malaysia GP by placing Sebastian Vettel in the forefront. The driver of the success rate thanks to the use of KERS.
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Improved Performance Of Striker Mauricio Pinilla On Webber

Webber happy with capaiannya in Malaysia GP qualifying session despite only three positions will start in. He was satisfied because his car was better than when the series premiered.
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Hamilton: Red Bull Melambat

McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton is optimistic his team could be better than Red Bull in the GP Malaysia later. It assesses the performance of the United Kingdom drivers Red Bull in Sepang is slower than the earlier series.
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Rossi Jajal Ducati 1000 cc

Valentino Rossi doing trials motorcycle Ducati-engined 1000 cc for the first time. The rider also claimed to be satisfied with the performance of the motor to be used in the race next year.
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Alonso: Ferrari Did Not Okay

Fernando Alonso completes the qualifying session with left behind almost a second off Sebastian Vettel who won the pole position. The Ferrari drivers was confirmed when his team is indeed still need to work hard catch up.
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Bulls Lock Seeded I Eastern Area

Chicago Bulls managed to extend the sequence of his victory after overcoming the Cleveland Cavaliers. The victory also made the Bulls as the pre-eminent first playoff East Area.
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