Luxury car and Hybrid would be a rare

One impact is likely to emerge as a domino effect of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan is langkanya luxury cars and hybrid output of Japan.
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China Electric SUV Ready U.S. Assault

Although overshadowed pembocoran wire US Embassy diplomatic problem as bad quality cars to China, a Chinese car manufacturers further confidence. Now the bamboo curtain country origin manufacturers increasingly bold invaded the land of Uncle Sam.
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Halle Berry Sexy So Boncenger

Much pemotor especially the guy who dreamed to get boncengers a sexy, Oliver Martinez doesn't seem to mention. For sexy actress Halle Berry would dibonceng this man.
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City Car India Tata Pixel Would Be Produced

Futuristic car belongs to car manufacturers India, Tata Motors, the Pixel is not only going to end up as a mere concept car, but also will soon enter the kitchen production and marketed.
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The Latest Version Of The Kawasaki ZZR1400 Ready Born

Kawasaki rumored ready to improve one of the world's best motorcycle they have, Kawasaki ZZR1400. The latest version of the later claimed to have features that are more abundant with greater power.
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The Factory Yamaha Shut While The Result Of The Tsunami

The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan indeed result in very negative. Yamaha even to have to close five factories in Japan due to the disaster.
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Efficient components, Toyota in the u.s. Stop Overtime

The earthquake followed by a tsunami a few days ago, made the Toyota in the United States did away with overtime. This step was taken to mengirit parts that are still there.
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VW Returned MPV Classmate Innova

Innova is indeed somewhat MPV quite in demand, not only in Indonesia. Because that's the VW was interested in creating similar MPV.
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Replace the engine Suzuki Smash with the Shogun

I had a motorcycle Suzuki Smash alerts in 2008, but I feel less with the performance of the engine of the motor. I wanted to ask if machines could be replaced with the New Smash Shogun 125.
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Police were Not Sure Sulaiman pre in Bogor perpetrators of Terror Bomb

Police have found the address of the sender of the package bomb to Ulil Abshar Abdala and Kalakhar BNN Gories Mere. Sender address has been detected in Bogor. But the police don't believe the terror bombing perpetrator Sulayman.
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TNI AD check the 28 members of Yonif

TNI AD continue to prosecute these cases of alleged persecution that killed Charles Mali in Atambua. 28 members of Yonif currently has been checked.
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Polda Metro: Polres Jaktim Violating The SOP Handling Bombs

Metro Area police Jakarta declared East Jakarta Police Resort has been violating the SOP by opening the package bomb at the offices of Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL).
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Kapolda Metro: BNN Bomb Directed At The Gories Mere

Polda Metro Jaya said the bomb was detonated at the BNN BNN Kalakhar the Gories Mere. It disclosed Kapolda Metro Jaya, Inspector Pol Sutarman.
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Forex Training - A Career Changing Decision For Investment Success

Forex (currency trading) market is becoming increasingly popular in the last five years. There are many different products on the internet selling so-called forex training. There are also several seminars available, the software that claim to be an automated Forex trading, or just give you a system that supposedly allows the retail investor will be able to trade the forex market easier easier.

the cost of courses intended to provide Forex training retailers can vary from literally a few dollars to literally thousands of dollars. Establishing a budget is therefore important. You tend to get you to pay at best. Expecting to become a professional forex trader to seven U.S. dollars a little on the e-book is likely to leave you very disappointed. Unfortunately, the get rich quick mentality, will not get the best forex training available, because they get rich quick mentality tends to come out of desperation.

Forex training places that want to cash in on the desperation will be charged, generally speaking, smaller amounts of forex training and playing on the hype in hopes of getting more sales, while a number of occasions when they failed to deliver any real value when it comes to actually trading systems offer. It is the author's experience, and as someone who offers forex training and who has bought more of the systems, which are traded strategies and tested them, and learn what works and what does not.

The irony that seems to be a process that Forex traders have to go through, at first, which is actually the most important forex training that might be available to them, is in fact what seemed so simple that it's not the best out there, but have learned how to may apply to trade in the market, do not need anything else.

A good forex training must include the transfer of strategies from trainee to trainer. Forex training will include not only the fundamental and technical analysis, as well as money management, forex trading psychology, and if possible, recommend the appropriate Forex trading platform and broker / dealer to design a package that can be used to using.

As stated earlier, the budget should be set as to how many traders will invest in him or herself in order to become proficient in their new found art, or career move, depending on how seriously they are going to be getting the forex investment and at what level they want to trade. It is possible for the Forex trader who takes forex training, to become successful very quickly, the level at which the right contacts, they can be a trader institutional level, provided that they are able to provide documentation proving their track record beyond doubt.

This is witnessed by, the forex trader who has taken forex training that actually has a very bad rating, if naive enough to believe some of the review sites and forums that Forex online is available on the freebie seeker and experienced traders alike. This is the place to be taken on board.




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Police: Action Bomb Utan Kayu Displeasure The Offender Shall Be Based On

Police have not yet concluded the certainty of the motives of the perpetrators of the bomb to Lanny that exploded in the offices of News Radio (KBR) 68 h. Allegations while the motive of the perpetrators be grounded displeasure.
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Ketum PBNU: package Bomb Barbaric and Un-islamic

Chairman of General PBNU, KH Said Aqeel Siradj, condemn the shipping package bombs. His opinion, the nation was not yet aware of as a nation because it has not been able to accept diversity and differences.
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8 Witnesses Examined, Including Receptionist KBR 68 H

Police check 8 bomb blast witnesses in the book package delivered to Habibullah. One such witness is receptionis KBR 68 H named Anisa.
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Forex Megadroid Software-Preview of Forex Megadroid By Real Users

When you make the decision to invest in forex or forex market, and, of course, but countless considers the likelihood that it can be opened for you. You might have considered trying your luck with Forex brokers, getting the forex trading software and purchase Forex signals that could ensure your success. You May have already spent countless hours reading about the best forex trading practices on the Internet and other external sources. One of the most common conditions of employees in the forex trading forex trading signals. many forex traders use these services to help analytical tools that help them take appropriate trading call. These services are provided by forex trading experts that are very complicated and deep experience in researching and scrutinizing the market trends.

Forex Megadroid Technology-learn how you can make money with Forex Megadroid:
Not everyone is successful in his stints with the Forex trading world. Using forex signals will allow you to become successful as long as you get them from the right sources and you know exactly what to do with them. Can Forex trading signal from an on-line through a variety of newsletters, market analyst, broker or a specialist retailer in December. Since the forex world is extremely dynamic and hopeful by nature, you should be able to develop their own techniques especially when you're counting on Forex signals. The reason is because they have their own system which was developed through careful preparation will be in a position that allows you to develop a simple strategy in dealing with the forex market. basis of trade data really about when and where to use Forex trading and the whole issue is that when you know that the forex signal, and when you should get out.

These currency pairs include more than eighty PC market share and are widely traded around the world. You May even find a Forex signal services for currency pairs and which are less common, but such services prove to be expensive. When you enter a trade is actually one of the more critical things. Record shops suggests that you need to know when the best time to take the signal. While services trade signal may be ready to tell you it's easy, it's really up to their estimates and intuition, where the market is going to go. The best time to enter the trade just before the price rises and spins the plunge. While the currency will always vary, you should be able to understand when this happens the point and from there to get at the store.

Now, this is an excellent time to enter the grounds, but what about the store exit. Gluttony can be part of it. While you May think the price will go up some more, you could be wrong and the market can bite with a great plunge did not expect at first. All of this is down to a good market trend analysis, technical indicators are by your side and my eyes stuck on the news. Fundamental research is also important, because a report in the financial arena can mean the market is getting the jitters and pull, causing massive changes in market inclined.

Check depression, anger and despair of the door when you are trading. Remember, the generation of information based in real time, and things can change money on the flip. Keep in mind that trade with some sense and sensible way out, and you will be earning money.

Forex Megadroid is the only forex robot that is capable of predicting exactingly Forex signals up to 99% accuracy! Fully patented and made ​​on the basis of the full 38 years of forex trading experience. Most complex Forex trading robot available in the world now!

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How Can You Be a Smart Buyer and User of Forex Megadroid?

Since Forex Megadroid become so popular in foreign currencies on the foreign exchange market, there are many positive reviews on this product falls. Many Forex traders have become increasingly interested in purchasing this product and want to try it out. However, buyers must bear this in mind, although it is generally sure to get a legal copy of Forex MegaDroid, at the same time there are big sales of pirated or uncertified copies or downloads around, they often exist in the market, and somehow the only code of the original ones. Unfortunately, many sites, reviews and URL links to unofficial versions, also there are very few places that can truly relate to the authorized downloading or sell products. Indeed, the Forex world, there are many opportunists out there waiting to observe the move newbie investors to pounce on them and steal away their initial deposit.

Here are some important points for traders to consider before they use your money on any item and to understand that they were scammed as quickly as possible.

1 Try to be very careful, will also be a little suspicious when Forex MegaDroid is offered to you at a low price that is considerably lower than the list price of 97 USD. In this situation, I can definitely say that it is very possible that the on-line copies that you are looking for is a hoax.

2 Before considering any motion buying, traders should be handed with very current information about the product. Those who want to take advantage of gullible would have a very difficult time baiting your money as far as if you are knowledgeable about the product. The creators of Forex MegaDroid - Albert Perrie and John Grace always enhance the functionality of artificial intelligence and RCTP properties - inverse correlation time and price analysis algorithm. In fact, Forex MegaDroid published in the trading market in late March this year. The robot says his ability to think logically in a changing market situations. It can predict the coming of the situation on the currency market, with an accurate prediction rate of over ninety-five percent, and keep in mind that this percentage seems to be increasing. The machine is able to process the data and the project can move about two to four hours earlier. His analysis of the database provided as far as forty years, which is significant when compared with manual record of past trade. Furthermore, it takes only a few 1 U.S. dollar for users to start trading.

A successful Forex MegaDroid, which ensures customers increased to four times their original capital, even if the product is available online tempts you get ten times more than what you have in a short period of time, you better stop and think twice before buying, when money is too fast to be gained, traders can make a big fraud.

Finally, traders should make sure that when you buy and download software, fully customized as you prefer. Forex Megadroid unique users to be able to change, and often must adjust their settings according to user preferences and price trends of currency pairs. Do nothing because you are unable to have personal options are exercised.

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Forex Trading Info - Basic Information On Forex Trading

forex market (foreign exchange) is by far the most dollars turning the hands of most any day, as opposed to any further trading in finance. This is done to New York Stock Exchange over a hundred times, which is in contrast with large numbers of people about Forex trading and it is so astonishing statistic. extraordinary half past one billion U.S. dollars are traded daily making it the peak of the banking trade. Forex Trading Info

Forex market is a worldwide market, with major centers in New York, Tokyo, London, Frankfurt and Sydney. Since the Forex market is traded around the world, it is able to work almost twenty four hours a day.

Trades are made between individual participants, rather than through a central exchange. This is known as the "interbank" market, because traders are managed over the counter (OTC ).

General information about Forex trading market is buying and selling of one currency against another member state currency. Money is made ​​and lost when the currencies, for example, (GBP) Pound sterling (U.S. $) U.S. dollars are purchased on the exchange rate, and sold it back when the market has performed in his favor, and made ​​you money or go against you, and You have lost money.

There are many different markets and information about Forex trading, but the most important market is the "spot". It is called that because traders are engaged then and there on the spot. Other important markets are trading futures, trading on margin and forward final winners, and they are more involved in their execution. Always looking to have financial freedom? Check out program. It will change your life forever!

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Online Forex Trading Software - The ABCs Explained

There are many different online forex trading software packages that can be used in forex trading. The four will be named here. Raptor is a system that automates a variety of trading activities, which are involved in forex trading. This system also allows the forex trader to trade manually.

It can be used both beginners and experienced traders. It can also help marketers to introduce the potential benefits of determining the precise signals. This software also allows you to make about 300 pips per week. This software also works with the major currencies issued.

Forex Tracer is the next online forex trading software that will watch. It is the only fully automated trading and signaling software for Forex. This software helps you build up money in the forex system. No experience is required to use this software. Using this software, you're well on your way to making trades that are winning in the very least.

This software was created to trade the euro against the U.S. dollar. There is no human interaction needed with this software. This software includes low-risk but high yield. It can also be tested without risk to your capital.

Forex Killer is an online Forex trading software that is used to determine the right time to buy or sell. This software is compatible with all trading pairs that are traded on a daily basis. It is a platform that can be used with all trading platforms in the forex system.

This online forex trading software that requires a one-time payment, so you do not have to make monthly payments for market updates. This software will also allow you to start trading with a minimum of $ 500. This software allows you sure that you will receive any and all updates. This is useful for all traders, regardless of skill level.

Our last trading software is the Instant Forex Profit Trading System. This software is the best signal generating software for average traders. That means when the input data that the calculations start from the starting point. This is especially good to take profit and stop loss situations.

The online Forex trading software also includes certain features that do not require any trading experience. This software allows you to earn only about 80 pips per week. It also saves you a lot of time and success ratio is much higher. It improves your profit margin considerably. He also takes a lot of speculation out of the equation.

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How To Learn Forex Trading Online - How To Learn The Basics Of Forex Trading & Make Faster Profits

You'll be amazed to know that depending on your style of forex trading so you can easily learn the basics of Forex trading online and how quickly money can be made ​​of you. This editorial can help you to easily learn the basics of Forex and how to make money fast.

You may have heard of the Forex market, and people who are making money with Forex trading system. Forex trading is also called as currency trading. Several people are in search of ways to make income in their spare time they will be able to learn online forex trading. To do that you need to know how to make a trade in the forex market successfully and to learn the basics.

to get training from experts on online forex trading, if you want to invest your money in the Forex currency markets. Thanks to the internet, because you can easily get all the good advice and courses on Forex trading.

Good Forex tutorials are available online if you want to learn more about forex trading online that explains many things to a new forex trader, such as how to actually exchange forex market works and technical indicators on the Forex, you need economic indicators that should be aware of as a forex trader, and the availability of different Forex trading systems and choices for every Forex trader.

If you're starting FOREX education, then it is very important not to experiment in any forex trading while you learn forex trading online. Various forex trading courses online offer you free training and demonstrations, classes and simulated forex forex trading account as they understand the step you are taking the trade on the forex market.

is an important goal in Forex trading to learn forex trading online in order to successfully trade and make money in quick time. to put more effort to learn about forex trading training learn more about the basics and the more success you have, because it is a good understanding of the basics of Forex.

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Forex Trading Secrets That All Beginners Should Know About in Order to Make Profitable Trades

Anyone who wants to become successful (ie profitable) trader in the foreign exchange industry should understand and apply several important secrets of forex trading. Those who know the secrets and tend to have larger number of trades that actually make money. Those who do not know these secrets are usually struggling with forex trading model and end up losing everything they have invested in their merchant accounts.

One of the most important Forex trading secret that every trader should know the importance of proper research and analysis before pulling the trigger on their first transaction. Those who fail the required investigations, all the ins and outs of foreign exchange typically commit many mistakes that could ruin their bank accounts in no time.

So, as a businessman who was later in the forex market, you should ensure that you are learning oo identifying the main trends in the market, and the many systems that can be used in the Forex industry. Most of beginner forex traders not to do so and simply jump into the game too soon, without really understanding the basics.

Here are examples of important information that you should examine before risking any of their money:

1 Analyze and use the obvious trends of

Those who fail in their attempts to become an accomplished traders are usually the ones who failed to recognize the importance of following currency trends. If you want to succeed in foreign currency, it is necessary to have access to and understand up-to-date currency information. Since the direction of movement are what tend to dominate the market, it will be a big mistake to trade against them.

Another important Forex trading secret to remember is to avoid hitting the market in order to turn their decisions about such wild hunches. Forex Trading market never stops fluctuating, so it will be very risky to trade against the apparent trends in forex currency industry.

2 Stick with a particular trading system

As a beginner, you should avoid experimenting with different trading systems to jump from one trading system to another. You should get rid of a trading system that works, because it would provide you the stability you need. Although the trading system does not always work, it is desirable to change the system every time you experience a bad trade. When it comes to forex trading secrets, the secret is one of the most frequently ignored by those newbie traders.

3 Follow your parameters

If you want to be a successful forex trader, you should use a particular currency and confidence indicators that are important in the analysis of currency trends. Although no indicator can not guarantee that the trend of the currency in a particular way each time, it is still important to trust preferred set of indicators because they give you the best way to predict the trend of movement. You should also be patient when waiting for certain trends to be that they were designed for your indicators. Sometimes it takes a little while for the trend to follow the direction indicator that you are informed about it.

making money trading currencies is a challenge for most people. However, knowing a few secrets of Forex trading, you will be given an advantage over the average trader just getting into Forex. By training yourself to spot trends, keeping up a trading system, and a belief indicator, you will increase your chances of making profitable forex trades.

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Selecting the Best Online Forex Broker For Your Trading

When deciding on the forex broker you should think about how you use your Forex account. These days, many traders, especially beginners will use automated systems to improve their trading returns. It is therefore important to choose a Forex broker who has an ear for their use.

problems when trying to employ automated trading system is to find Forex brokers who will accept their use. Many brokers will have an official policy or not on the official use of automated Forex trading systems on their platforms.

This rule is likely to be successful robot becomes more stringent. Increased success brings greater use, which in turn eats into profits broker. To combat this Forex Brokers employ various tactics to make it difficult for automated Forex trading system.

While some will reportedly close the merchant account, if there is doubt robot use, others use more devious tactics to disrupt their use. common tactic is to raise the market expanded during quieter sessions when the automated robots are more likely to shop. While it does not actually prevent robots from being used it can be difficult for them to find sites trading port. This is especially true for many of the robots that are reliant on low spread as part of their strategy.

and, of course, raising the spread trades to take, the greater the commission earned forex broker, leaving less profit for the trader.

Some Forex Robots will try to prevent a broker from disclosing that they used a form of offering key protection. This will require changes frequently and is not an ideal solution. Ok, so broker May not be able to detect that the robot is placing the trades, but it will do nothing to overcome the problem of increased spreads, which affect the time of day, not the actual mechanism of trade execution.

When choosing a forex broker to run your automated system, it is important to consider the tactics employed. Therefore, it is best to look for a broker who accepts the use of automated Expert Advisors and strategy it employs. Selected Brokers will enable the use of EA, environmental and scalping strategies on their platform without penalty.

However, this is only half the solution. There is no point in dealing with a broker who accepts the use of automated systems, and then puts the spread at the time of day that they are likely to be used.

The second part of choosing a forex broker, therefore, to make sure that you keep an eye on expanding. low spread is good, but make sure it stays that way at a time when your system is looking for trade. Be wary of brokers increases the spread in times of low liquidity. In some cases, depending on the strategy employed, it may be advantageous to seek a broker offers guaranteed fixed spreads. So you have a known constant for your trading.

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Ago Barring 3 Suspects Corruption ID CARD abroad

3 Suspects of corruption on Procurement ID CARD based NIK in 5 regions, had been prevented from travelling abroad. Blocked it as start date of January 25, 2011.
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Police: Gegana late to Utan Kayu because Jakarta Jammed

Police said the delay in the team to the National Police Headquarter Gegana bomb blast in the complex Office News Radio (KBR) 68 H, Jalan Utan Kayu, Jakarta because of the situation of highway crashes.
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The Anticipation Of Terror Bomb, Police Sweeping Vehicle Out In Bali

Package bomb explosion in the Utan Kayu and BNN, Jakarta look out for in Bali. All vehicles coming in and out of Bali examined strictly by the security apparatus.
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Aroma Beverage Cola Makes Men "Turn On"

Content of vanilla and caramel on the drink Cola makes us feel safe and comfortable. — have you feel Your emotions after inhaling the aroma of certain tick? Since according to research, there are several types of among odours that makes women turn on, depending on the area. According to an expert taster and the Kisser, Dr. Alan Hirsch, women in New York City was tempted by the scent of coffee, while women in Minnesota lured by the smell of the grass.

Today, Hirsch revealed that some of the material basis of soft drinks was also able to affect our feelings. Drink cola, for example, as mentioned in the Atlantic Journal-Constitution Edition 1979, comprised lemon acid, caffeine, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla and caramel. The combination of alcohol, lemon oil, lemon oil, oil of neroli, coriander, nutmeg, and cinnamon also provides aroma and flavour typical of the drink cola, and possibly also the entire appeal.

Vanilla and caramel, according to Hirsch, making us feel safe and comfortable, while orange oil, oil of lemon, and cinnamon, keeps us alert.

"When we see a combination of aromas, the drink is causing some people to feel safe and comfortable, but also make people awake and alert," said Hirsch. "All of these contribute to the popularity of the drink cola."

Because of formula material, each time taking any drink we so reminded of memories – memories that we feel when we open the bottle and menyesapnya the first time.

For men, scents of cola also gave influence not less great. The Aroma is gives the greatest influence on blood flow penis people who had sexual intercourse on a regular basis.

"If the scent of lavender and pumpkin pie gives influence when evoking the passion, the aroma of cola during sexual penetration has far greater influence," he said.


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Source: Your Tango

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Men Need Inspiring Figure "Family Man"

Parjan (left), the blind became a figure of inspiration for the family man, winner of the program M-150 is looking for a hero. You Can! -No hard find figure "family man" inside man, because the real family man think and act is simple. Her family toiled over everything. Anything will do for the family, so his presence warms all family members. Although simple, it turns out that the figure of the family man was rare, even disappear.

To the Compass Female psychologist Tika Bisono, with palpable said the figure of the family man disappeared in the last 15 years. It takes inspiration and motivation for the man to restore its role as a dignified and respectable in the family.

The figure of the family man has its roots from the simple way of thinking. According to Tika, the man with the character realized that its main task is to take care of the family, ensuring children grow better than her parents, provide support to any member of the family, do anything for his family, and is always present in the midst of his family.

The figure simple this is found in Parjan, men from the hill top of Menoreh Hill, Kokap, Kulon From Yogyakarta, so it was selected as the winner of the program "M-150 is looking for a hero, You can!" category Family Man (other category is Honesty and Community Mindedness). The man suffered blindness four years because of the prolonged pain which is difficult to cure. This did not prevent him, however, blindness works as a penderes coconut.

His job is at risk for men in need like himself started at 04.00 pm with climbs more than 25 coconut trees. Journey to the "workplace" is too slippery and difficult for people with staircase, normal, let alone for the blind. Even so, Parjan undergoing work to meet the needs of the family, at the same time proving that he could do the work that are not necessarily able to do normal people. The simplicity of the Parjan is the instance and inspiration of a family man.

"Parjan is the figure of the man in charge to families, the figure of the ' family man ' is simple. Despite poor economy, but the existence of the winner of this show a figure that is not poor potential, motivation, fighting power, hope, and heroism, "said Tika on the sidelines of the winners of this program at the Kempinski Grand Ballroom, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Tuesday (1/3/2011).

Inspirational figure like this required men to return again the supremacy of men, in the context of partnership in the family and with a partner. The supremacy of men needed to also positioning ourselves as a partner of women in building a relationship of marriage and the family. Women also need character family man as simple as this, Tika. Therefore it takes an attitude of mutual respect or honor both of women and men to bring up this character.

The character of the family man, advanced simple., Tika When family problems, such as children involved drugs or pregnant outside of marriage, the family man is always there to provide support and protection in all members of the family. The figure of a man like this don't talk how material produced or given to the family. But more to his responsibilities, the attitude to do anything to menafkahi family. Its presence also always warms family members. Family man will be present in the community with the children, wives, accompany cooking, or other activities with your family. So rather than simply giving salaries to meet the needs of all family members.

"The honor of which made male as a family man in his family. Women also want a man to be respected, in relation the relationship of marriage and in leadership in the family, "he explained.


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Banish Obesity with Teak Leaves Netherlands

The leaves, when it is created in the form of tea has the benefits of meluruhkan fat on the body. One of the leaves can be used; the identification of the Netherlands.
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The Perceived Man When Orgasm

Physically the man felt there, but his mind wanders into the natural sensation of pleasure. -many women really enjoy expression companion while orgasm. Why the hell, expression of men can be so loose? What they really feel when being to reach the Summit? If sensasinya is different with us?

Orgasm in men is actually shorter duration than women, but more intense, and usually only experienced one time in one session. While the women, if it gets the stimulation, can experience a multiorgasme with a shorter recovery period.

When reaching the climax, the man let go of the encouragement of the hormone that makes him sleepy, such as norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nictric oxide, and prolactin. This causes the men barely may not feel sleepy after love-making (don't wonder man directly to sleep after that).

What is the perceived man when the orgasm, refer to the recognition of four men:

1. Brain freeze, then everything becomes clear
Andrew (30), a computer programmer, said that during sex it felt like being in a State of trance or unconscious. Physically he is there, but his mind wanders into the natural sensation of pleasure. However, everything happens for a while, and difficult to explain as it does when the orgasm.

"After everything so it makes sense for a few seconds only. As I can see everything clearly for the first time. For me that's the most wonderful thing about the orgasm, i.e. moments afterwards, "said Andrew.

2. Send energy to partner
Orgasm guy could also be different sensasinya, for example, whether done through masturbation or with a partner, according to Adam (27), the set designer. Masturbation for him until orgasm, but when having sex with a partner, sensasinya almost a spiritual nature.

"I feel like submitting the core of my soul to someone," he said. "It feels like sharing energy with someone. In a position so close to someone making we are in a period which is very fragile. "

3. Intensitasnya vary, depending on how long it lasted
The most intense orgasm, according to Paul (23), an actor, came after he reached its limits, and stay a while. "It feels Different when just let yourself off when the drive first, or try to maintain that feeling. I feel a million times more tired after my stop, rather than fixed to resume work, "he explained.

4. Sensation in women longer, and maybe better
Willy (26), a copywriter in the advertising firm, admitted that ogasme in men it is shorter than an orgasm in women. Sensasinya also not too eforik. "My partner seems to be experiencing a slow orgasmenya in waves. Men don't like it. We are having very intense urge for 3-5 seconds, then our whole body like the numbness. It was fun, but I think that women are better, "he said.


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Source: Your Tango

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Many women were Unhappy with her marriage?

Women more quickly feel tired and unhappy with the paired relationship in marriage. — research in the United Kingdom found the fact that the couple feel the happiness of the greatest when they married, not to have children, can pursue education as high as possible, the man has a job, and the age of marriage in less than five years. However, this dropped sharply on the happiness of women. A survey involving 100,000 people from 40,000 households showed women more quickly feel unhappy with her marriage, compared to men.

Research spending funds 49 million euros or more than Rp 600 trillion is held by the Economic and Social Research Council with the face-to-face interview method and has started since 2009.

In response to these findings, many pairing relationship experts believe women more trying in maintaining the relationship than men. Women are more often dealing with household settings and more concerned with the special moment in the relationship as a wedding anniversary or even the anniversary of his partner.

One more research in the United Kingdom conducted by involving 14,000 households in 2009. This time, the poll was done to the couple for their wedding in the ranks. The choice of level of happiness wedding in the poll were perfectly happy, unbelievably happy, very happy, happy, and not happy.

The results of the research found, 55 percent of men are happy with her marriage and 57 per cent of women stated the same thing, in the first five years of age of marriage. In 11 years of marriage, women do not sebahagia men. When the couple enters the age of 40 years, only 26 percent of women who say they are happy, and 33 percent said things similar.

According to psychologist Dr. Pam Spurr, indifference of man included in keeping his appearance after her marriage became the source of the problem of unhappiness married couples. The man, once married, are likely to be overweight and memedulikan appearance.

"Women tend to start questioning the relationship of marriage while entering the age of 5-6 years of marriage. They began to realize they are more often treated the relationship than men, even though both women and men alike worked his way up, "said Spurr. He added, the man should have been more metrosexual in appearance and are contributing to treat the relationship of marriage with a more holistic view of women.

The comfort felt the man from the relationship of marriage was made her forget romanticism needed women. This is the cause why are women more quickly feel tired and unhappy with her marriage.


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The levels of fat and Calories most feared?

The choice of eating healthy when eating wanted a lot of people in the restaurant. According to research, fat content and calories on the menu of the most frequently asked questions.
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6 the role to be played by a "Family Man"

Menyantuni family is not only done by providing a living, but also moral support, even audit. -figure of the man in the family, as both a father and husband, has the character of "family man". With such honors as male maintained so that its existence strengthens the family. Family man represents the supremacy of men in families, but also must be balanced with equality with the sight of his wife as a partner in berumahtangga, as well as the warmth that makes it always desired and appreciated by all members of the family.

Psychologist Tika Bisono be the role of family man as in the structure of the Board of an organization. In this analogy, the role of men in the family is divided into six. The man said to be a family man if you have a protective role, Adviser, Director, penyantun, implementers, and pengaudit.

"Man as a family man knows when to be protective, Advisor who directed the wife, but also keep the plunge with my wife in the care of the household. Menyantuni family does not only mean giving a living, but also moral support, even audit. This role is the cycle that must be applied at home by men. Even so, don't be a feudal melebihkan the role of the man who all spoke to were kept. Men need to keep and have his honour as a family man, and balance it with the principle of equality. This role will need to run the man in the context of the partnership with couples and families, "explains Tika to Compass Female, after the announcement of the winners of the program" M-150 is looking for a hero. You can! "at the Kempinski Grand Ballroom, Jakarta Indonesia, Tuesday (1/3/2011).

The privilege inherent in men this is what makes a man become a family man, further Tika. When this honor is lost, or not was featured in the family because the figure of the father and the husband is not considered or are appreciated by children and wife, then don't be surprised if a family had no figure head of the family.

The figure of the man who was responsible for the family is actually simple, personal thinking that he will do all the way to his family. He felt proud to be the husband who menafkahi his wife and children according to his ability, and rewarded accordingly. He was honored for its existence is recognized by his wife and child, whatever its condition. Recognition and appreciation of this family is also the one who perpetuate the character family man in the family.


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Habit Tanya nutrient content of food in the Restaurant

Asians tend to be more frequent meals. Ask the nutrient content on menus in restaurants are booked will help you get healthy food.
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Jennifer Inevitably Meet Irfan Bachdim Every Day

Jennifer Kurniawan chose to try to pursue a career in Jakarta, and not follow Irfan Bachdim in Malang. -long distance Relationships require mutual trust, and the attitude to free the couple lived a life of personal and not jealous man. Here's what the bloody Indonesia traveled Germany model, Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan, who finally decided to pursue a career in Jakarta, following her lover, a Irfan Bachdim. Although now Jennifer and Irfan no longer is, it would be healthy if the couple had met every day.

While undergoing the long-distance relationship, trust becomes the key. Moreover, if each individual have a job or a career related to alot of people. Although the distance apart, the proximity of still need to be traveled. Nonetheless, the technology has it easy people to communicate.

"When I am in Germany and Irfan in Indonesia, we more often communicate via Skype or BlackBerry Messenger," says Jennifer to Compass Female, some time ago.

However after moving work to Jakarta, Jennifer pleads not kebablasan with always adjacent to Irfan. It turns out, the work remained separate the distances between them, and make both of them are always together. Understandably, Irfan who joined the Club Persema Malang, and lived in often traveled to follow football. While Jennifer prefer Jakarta dinilainya more suited to his life. So there is time to spare, then the couple spent together. Dinner, watch a movie at the cinema, to do the spa treatment.

"Even though it is no longer connected remotely and closer, it's not that must be met every day. The relationship isn't healthy if constantly meet every day. However each individual in the pair have a personal life that have suffered, "explained the woman claiming to be emotional when shopping high heels.

How about you? Is it true that met the lover every day makes you so hard to do personal activities or hobbies? Or even make so early bored on the he?


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Ashamed Of Asking, Not Healthy Food

When eating at restaurants, you tend to accept what is menu or ask details about the information behind food choices on the menu?
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Aroma Body Make A Kiss More And More "Hot"?

A wet Kiss men allows them to send a little testosterone that evokes the libido through their saliva. -Kissing, it is not simply an expression of our feelings against the pair. This activity can also reveal how fit you and your partner, Your relationship and harmony. And, although many people feel already mastered the science of kissing, but still there's the fact about the kiss yet we know. Sheril Kirshenbaum, author of The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us, offering a variety of things, from about the first kiss to the influence of alcohol to kiss.

Not just chemistry
You and the he may quickly become close because it felt there was chemistry. The kiss itself, often grow from connections and emotional atmosphere. "Kiss the great often occur because we understand the needs and desires a partner, not because there is a special way to do it," Kirshenbaum said. The articles that show how kissing usually only focus on where to put your hands, or how to set the mood. But intuition is that makes you and your spouse to be comfortable, and are able to enjoy the kiss. Kiss is a comprehensive expression of your feelings towards the him.

First kiss never dies
Most people are given a kiss first rather than a moment of bercintanya the first, according to research from Butler University. It is not clear what it is, but according to Kirshenbaum is likely this is caused because the Kiss became the introduction of the us with sexual behavior, plus all the activities that will follow a session of kissing. "This has to do with doing something new, and how much we engage the senses in our behavior," he said.

Men would rather play the tongue
Don't blame the way her Cocker, many involving the tongue and drooling. Because, the way men and women kissing is not the same. "Men tend to express his contentment to kiss the muddy rain ..., with the mouth open. Otherwise, women would constantly complain about often game the tongue, "Kirshenbaum said.

There is why men love to do wet kisses. Open mouth enables man to send in women a little testosterone that evokes the libido through their saliva. Imagine if this were done for weeks or months, maybe you so turn on.

The Aroma of the body affected
Nose we seem to be able to distinguish the suitability of a natural body fragrance genetic our spouse. "Hygiene is important for everyone, for being the first indicator of whether she deserves pursued or not," Kirshenbaum said. "More than that, it seems the aroma body could be a subconscious way of expressing one's genetic and immunity." What if the couple we always wear perfume or aftershave, wouldn't it be difficult to guess the original scent her body?

"If You quite often spend time with someone, You surely will catch over the aroma of the original body," tukasnya.

Alcohol had a big influence?
Drugs and alcohol stimulate the same few chemical compounds on the brain, such as when kissing, so you could be misinterpreting the substance with passion against the pair. But if you want sessions were making out could be more delicious after drinking alcohol (alcohol can let go of Your defense, so the kiss so more fun).

"It could lead to feeling better or worse, depending on how drugs affect your reality," Kirshenbaum says. A kiss can act as a kind of "drug", so do the impression most accurate about your feelings. But actually, express feelings could be more obvious when it's done in a State of conscious, isn't it?

So wmx better because of the kiss
Men do not know, chocolate or flowers will not make us forget the quarrels that took place. Ciumanlah has the ability for it. Although the women deny it, but research shows that small can kissing makes us able to forgive, so according to Kirshenbaum.

This ability may come from the hormone oxytocin is released when we kiss. A kiss can reduce the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) which occurs in our body we berantem with the couple.


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Diet for skin tightening

You do not need botoks or plastic surgery to tighten the skin. Just do it naturally, with controlling food intake.
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Parting from the Glasses of scientists

Break up love and love rejected did not went sour. — Having dropped out of love or the love denied not that fun, even for sensitive, desperate love is very painful. When someone refuses to love us, not just heart ached, but it feels like we are being pushed in the direction opposite of the direction that actually wants us to go.

When the he did not want to establish a relationship is more than just friendship, words that we said to a friend, less is more, "I rejected". Its essence, people that rejected is the victim, or passive.

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that the refusal of the nervous system response associated with parasimpatetik. That is, when the body is active, generally when want to fight, the system simpatetik will prepare, heartbeat, dilated eye pupil strengthened, and high energy. However, the system parasimpatetik is in charge of the body at rest. When love is denied, experts say, we will feel not favored, led to the heartbeat melamban, parasimpatetik nervous system activity. The bottom line, denied or terminated love produce physical and psychological response. No wonder if when we experience it taste like the "Uninstall" or "broken", probably because of the sudden melamban.

Designed for fear of rejection

As humans, we are very sensitive to rejection, especially social rejection. We have a strong motivation to seek approval and acceptance of the people around us. If we look into the ancient past, supposing we live alone and not have anyone, the chance of life we will be at the zero point of human need. another human being to survive. That is, we are social beings, we need the acceptance of others, not able to be rejected. It continues to evolve today, and we still need other people.

Disconnected the boyfriend is the same as quitting smoking
Five of five neurologist agreed, disconnected girlfriend sucks. Forget the girlfriend just as forgotten adiksi of certain substances, so described researchers at Stony Brook University. Researchers found there was an area in the brain are active when the pain of being rejected or parting, that part was also connected with the need for motivation, rewards, and adiksi. In fact, part of the brain shows the similarities between the rejection of love and "sakau" will certain substances. Rejection or breakup pain because we have a dependency of the relationship. After the breakup, as after adiksi on a particular matter, we are going through withdrawal.

Hard facing the loss of human

In General, people feel difficulties to experience a loss. The pain of losing something more powerful than get something. Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate for his work, Prospect Theory, describing how one takes the choice in a situation, when he must decide between two things which contain risk. Example, people will look at the pain of losing money as much as Rp 50,000 bigger than he is getting money for the same amount. This is a psychological fact that our brains looking lost more weight than getting a new thing.

Losing feels stronger than get something, it means we are more motivated to avoid a sense of loss rather than take risks to get more. Consequently, not a few people after breaking up love says, "enough is enough! I enggak want to anymore dating. " We want to avoid the risk of loss, although there is a possibility we get true love in others.

The more we fail, the more distant goals are pursued
The study indicated that more and more often denied or parting, further also goals that we want to pursue. Jessica Wit, from Purdue University, said that after a few unsuccessful kicking the ball into the opposing goal, football will face higher and narrower than before.

Easy to bear witness to the power of refusal. The more we often rejected and break up the love, the more we looked at our vain efforts, then we will be reluctant to try again. Whereas, it will also create further belied the adulation of the liver.


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"High Heels" in the young, Sick foot in the old days

Using high heels in youth is indeed sexy, and sometimes feels sick occasionally. But high heels can also hurt your feet on akibatkan days old.
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View Of The Ideal Husband, The Marriage Lasting

Viewed the ideal partner can make a more lasting relationship of husband and wife. Words that circulate about love revealing, love is blind. But, for people who are already married, so it is a good thing, because it can help sustain marriages. According to a study, married couples who idealize his partner while married and always look for these qualities in his partner has the possibility to maintain the happiness of marriage at least up to 3 years into the future.

A study published in Psychological Science is included about 193 newly married couples. Most participants are mid-to late twenties. the participants are asked to fill out the survey in early marriage sheet and back filling every 6 months up to the age of marriage they reach 3 years.

The survey were asked they described himself and his partner, rate the relevancy of positive characteristics (good, funny, understanding, or warm) with flaws (lazy, critical, moody, tough talk, or childish). Then asked to rate the relevancy partner ideally in the same scale. The couple then fill out some other surveys to measure satisfaction, confidence, depression, temperament, and immediacy.

Reported by the researchers, self-assessment based on reality. The way we judge ourselves is generally quite accurate. While the way we judge other people, according to researchers, generally based on hope. Armed with this, researchers try to see the judgments of the respective partner.

Example, the ideal of the pri A partner is someone who is funny and warm, and he would prefer to see his wife who he married, B, as it was, even though B assess her moody and not warm. However, the researchers noticed, if a couple were seeing each other in an "ideal", the marriage has the possibility of a relationship lasting rather than couples who do not judge his ideal. Those who judge his ideal since early marriage have a happier marriage relationships and satisfying.

According to one researcher, Sandra Murray, PhD, Professor of Psychology at the University of Buffalo, human beings can change the definition to equate what he wanted to see for himself or how he saw the someone else.


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Physical Exercise Program Celebrity By Oscar

Celebrity world awaits the 2003 Oscar on 27/2/2011 later. In order to appear perfect, physical exercise dilakoni, you can emulate.
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Why Women Rarely Watch Movies? — Never ask why little or rarely women who love watching porn movies than men? Have you ever tried to watch movies with the him but found You mediocre, while the husband was already visible "enggak's impetuous"? The following reason:
Visual problems
Most porn movies targeted to an audience of men. The passion of a man with easy terstimulasi through visual stimulation, while women need emotional or mental stimulation. Therefore most porn movies devoted to women or couples there are stories and plot, its opposite, porn movies for men leaning is hard and straight. Because, basically, the steps to fuck and "memadu you" that's the most important in the context of the larger story. Most of the porn film, foreplay is rarely performed, most were the actors directly into the main sessions.
Less interesting
One of the most important part of the body of the man in the movies most porn is part his Dick. This also may explain why there are very few pornographic film actor who has the appearance of a face attractive in porn movies. Women are also not interested in seeing the cast women in porn movies that most blond, very thin, very large, leading to chest and lips swollen due to injected collagen.
Women are not too interested in the situation and the action is often the case in porn movies. Most times, the cast in a porn film looks not like each other. For men, action copulate alone is enough, while the women are looking for a sense between the actor and aktrisnya, the mutual affection, and more.
Porn lose value
Most of the women rate the movies lose value or disgusting. Most women do not like the idea of strange things done in porn movies, such as behavior-behavior that often exist in hardcore pornographic films.

Film porno impressed "naughty"

Women generally do not have a boost as strong as men in matters of sexuality. Women sometimes had rather called by nicknames-nicknames naughty, many are reluctant to show passion sex desirous to her partner, or admit that he is also feeling the pleasure of witnessing the scene in the film pornography.
Sarah Stefanson, author of the special relationship in AskMen rubric says, things above this could be the cause of women was like watching a porn movie.

Editor: Nadia Felicia
Source: askmen
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Successful Dieters because it dared to ask

To be critical for the food you eat can successful diet program, in addition to isiplin through healthy diet recommended nutritionist.
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Charlie Sheen's Show "' Uns" "

Charlie Sheen with Bree Olsen (left) and Natalie Kenley, and Bob and Max. — Powerful men who claimed to have once slept with 6,000 women. After various ulahnya is embarrassing (among other drunk while naked, having an affair, threatening to kill his wife, and consume illegal drugs), still the adaaa ... just women who want to become his partner.

Now, the man 45 years makes this behavior again. He invited a reporter from NBC's Today Show to luxurious leather seats in Los Angeles, Wednesday (28/2/2011), to show how warasnya he currently. In this House, Sheen lives with two of his new girlfriend, a former nanny of his son, Natalie Kenly, and porn star Rachel Oberlin aka Bree Olsen.

"Women never menghakimiku," said Sheen explains why he chose the two women became his partner. "They do not impose his opinion or his needs themselves all the time. They are honest enough to tell me, ' Hey, know enggak, don't be shedding nonsens. You have to help me overcome this '. And we sort it out. "

When a recording is taking place, Sheen and both her lover posing bak family a peaceful and happy while hugging the twin sons of his wife, Brooke Sheen Mueller. He claims to not worry later Bob and Max, his two sons, will respond to all his deeds.

"I gave an example and teach children what is right and wrong," he told the gossip site TMZ. "If the correct version and my fault is different from the others, then my children will be different as well."

In fact, last week Brooke (33) was moved to this House and join with Sheen and his second for a vacation to the Bahamas. However, Brooke came home first after a fight with her husband.

Because his wife is currently not being at his side, Sheen admitted to both dewinya that together deliver the twins. He himself doubted the ability of Brooke in parenting and questioned his habit of drinking alcohol. Sheen admitted to not use illegal drugs in the House when there are children. For that he even invites the doctor to test the water art and prove that he is "clean".

Somehow the fate of the family later. The Superior Court of Los Angeles was issued an order to ban this guy are in a radius of 90 meters from his wife. However, Sheen is precisely determined to get the right child custody in full. It's an intricate family.


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In Order To Slim Down, Dietlah Two Days

Related to the caloric intake of food, research shows that reducing calories two days can help lose weight.
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10 how to Wisely deal with Divorce

When parents are divorced, both of which are still ruled responsible for children's happiness and fulfillment, anyone who got the rights to his care. -Divorce, for most people, not an option to resolve the problem of the relationship. But not a few also couples who ultimately chose divorce. If you are experiencing a similar thing, do the following to make divorce way 10 is over the disaster. At the very least, you still can maintain good relations with the former spouse, let alone with the consideration of parenting that is still in need of affection and attention of her parents.

1. give time for yourself
However divorce affect Your Psychic. Your reaction to something will change, the need for and interest you too will experience the shift. For that, you need time for yourself to organize themselves. Wake up clear rules and boundaries to the former spouse, especially to create patterns of parenting on children. Let friendship walk through paskaperceraian.

2. Carefully select a mediator and Attorney
Divorce cost to pay for the services of a lawyer. However, you can save costs by only paying for the services of a mediator if communication with former pairs are going well. It means a divorce granted to a decision together received well by both. But on the condition of a bad relationship, even in case of conflicts, the lawyer to be the most appropriate mediator, even though you have to spend more money for this.

3. write down the planning of childcare and talking about directly
Fokuslah on what is best for the child when designing and writing patterns of parenting paskaperceraian. Imagine your child's feelings while reading the plan of care written clearly. If the child is already big enough, talk with them. Say that you and your former spouse will work as a team in their parenting. The interests of the child have to be the main focus above all the interests of you and your former spouse.

4. believe it is okay, but always verify
The deal already accepted both sides need to be written. Agreement on parenting, for example. Make sure all the approvals made written clearly. This is where the importance of why divorce need accompanied lawyer who acted as mediator. Issues such as money and parenting requires the written agreement.

5. prepare to face changes
Failure to undergo a deal paskaperceraian sometimes cannot be avoided. Friction still will remain between you and your ex-husband, especially related to parenting. Be prepared with the condition that will change later. At least make a plan to minimize failures, i.e. to write with details about the agreement you made with the former spouse. Make sure that all parties understand it clearly.

6. Be cooperative
When one party violates the deal, try to understand his condition. Find out and find solutions together why this agreement is violated. Especially with regard to childcare. Make sure the interests of the child above all else.

7. avoid patterns longtime relationships
Part of Your recovery paskaperceraian is no longer responsible for the ex-spouse, family, or any related to her personally. So any with him against You. You have to break away from it, including not using patterns longtime relationships, i.e. don't ask for support from the former spouse to your personal problems.

8. Let the relationship transform
You will feel lonely and lost, even derailed after divorce. However this is only temporary, and in time the relationship will be healthy again. At least you and your ex-partner could be a good friend, especially in terms of caring for the child. Let the relationship flows naturally and transform into healthier paskaperceraian.

9. take the time together as a family
When the relationship or the feeling you've been healthy paskaperceraian, take the time get together as a family. Go eat dinner together children and former spouses legitimate just done. The goal to show your child that her parents still matter. As a family, You can still be gathered together.

10. do not put a new person
Then gather together children and ex-partner, make sure no other person or figure in your relationship as well as the husband. Although children are adolescents, they will be confused by the presence of new people. Be sure to focus on the family unit without any foreigners on board.


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Source: psychologytoday

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Still Often Have A Diet Of Yo-Yo?

You're curious why weight is easily up and down? It turns out this is because you have a specific type of protein in the blood.
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The reasons Women having an affair

When my wife back in touch with mantannya, it could be that he wanted to try to feel again the passion that makes it art when still young first. My husband is having an affair was quite a lot, but my wife is having an affair is also not a few. According to a study conducted by Coffee and Company, a marriage Bureau in the United Kingdom, from about 3 thousand female respondents, at least 20 percent of women admitted to having an affair. While the studies that established the site AskMen finds 5 percent women never or are an affair of his partner, while less than 3 percent of men admitted had or is having an affair. Why women having an affair? Here are his reasons:

According to expert relationship, Seth Meyers, Psy D, psychologist from Los Angeles and author Dr. Seth's Love Prescription, men have devoted just as cognitive for women. However, this did not stop a woman for cheating. Instead, there are some women who feel like revenge if her partner is having an affair. The man is not emotional, so usually they can't feel pain the same except he felt his own pain, so said Bonnie Weil, Ph.d., author's Adultery: The Forgivable Sin. The woman was having an affair is a way to equalize.

Looking for increased adrenaline
An affair is an experience against routine, thrilling, and even some say, a release of stress. A woman having an affair is sometimes just want to get the pleasure to have more than 1 man who loved him. Generally, a wife will try to explain and tell her husband that there is a problem in the relationship they. If the husband could not successfully help address the problem of the relationship, or just respond to at a glance, the wife of then having an affair because felt he had no other choice.

Boost ego
Who is not worshipped and praised? Generally, men selingkuhan will try to make the woman feel so great with all the words and praise for making her feel sexy and stunning does not like what is done by her partner. An affair is often happens in relationships that make the wife doesn't feel connected emotionally with spouses who now.

If a wife feel neglected or feel squandered by her husband, he will become brittle and easily ran into infidelity, either emotionally or physically, a man who makes her feel special and desirable. When the relationship between the pair had already been tightened must each be trying to hurt the ego, and this will open the door to the problem.

To find a love affair
The relationship that has lasted a long time is very different from a new relationship begins. The chemical is full of love will flow increasingly lost the longer the relationship is created. Decreased sense of love that can not be denied, and it could happen, but it can be made to stay warm. It is important to keep and maintain the chemical remains lit despite loving relationship has long been intertwined. For example, by making the kiss 30 seconds and cuddle 20 seconds, which could increase the level of endorphin. The conflict created a passion, a marriage that is too "adem-ayem", a rare penalty opinion, rarely penalty arguments, rarely remove the contents of the heart, it can lead to the infidelity of one. It certainly does not mean conflict it must apply every day and every moment.

Want discovered
Most women see the affair as a hole on the flight, especially the wife who had no children. If he already has a child, it would be difficult for a woman leaving her husband without guilt. But the guilt it will diminish if not he who started the separation. Consequently, the wife will find ways to reduce stress and guilt by way of an affair, her husband would leave her anyway.

Bored with the sexual life
The couple have been together all this time often complained that the relationship of seksualnya not sehangat once again, the fact is no more sex. This could encourage women to seek other ways to satisfy his desire. Sometimes the woman having an affair because it felt there was no spontaneity in conjunction again. Sexual boredom could be one of the manifestations of it. Passion to make the relationship more often and different type could make the young woman is having an affair. The wife was still in his early twenties or younger can lead to infidelity as men, they also want sex more often, sex, or curious what it's like having sex with a man who isn't her husband.

Feel yourself
When a feeling that she and her husband no longer has an interest, he would find himself into an emotional affair with a man who has an interest. However, the emotional infidelity can be quickly rolled to a higher level and be a sexual indiscretion. Not a few women who cheated on her to fill the void. According to Weil, an affair raised a feeling of loneliness and emptiness. This is a form of hunger would have a relationship.

Want to repeat the past
Sometimes, the former girlfriend reminds a woman how it feels to be a beautiful and desirable. Because the future of dating the former that the women feel young, sexy, loose, interesting, and back to life, the women wish to return to feel all that again.

Attention and adventure
Women easily can feel wasted, after working 24 hours at home, take care of the children, clean the House, even some work in the Office as well. Women need to feel appreciated and hungry for validation. They want to find the fun once in a while. A woman who feels empty and hollow in her marriage was an easy prey for the type of "bad boy".

According to some psychologists argue, if you are looking for reasons mainly why women having an affair, most of the reasons it may actually be overcome with a husband who would take the time to be more loving, caring, loving, and cooperative. A woman who is happy in his marriage would not be having an affair.


Editor: Nadia Felicia

Source: associated press

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3 ways To Nap more useful

Take the time to sleep-sleep a chicken on the sidelines of the hours the Office needs to be done, because this increases productivity, and improve memory.
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Celebrity Suggested Eating Vegetables Just Ahead Of Oscar

Oscar back disputed 27/2/2011 later. In addition to competitive achievements, celebrity world also competed to get maximal ideal body with a diet.
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Female sexual Life journey 30s When reaching the age of 30, most women already have a mature level of self-understanding. Generally, in this age of women already are in a stable relationship. Having a husband could be sort of an aphrodisiac for woman, due to its being in a safe and committed relationship can bring out the passion of women. But the stress of keeping the child and the problems of career could lose the passion.
In the 30s, women are increasingly recognizing its body, and it is getting more and more understand how to achieve orgasm, which could stimulate the passion, because that's how come the opinion that women reach the top of his sexuality in the 30s.
At the beginning of the wedding, before there was a child, in General, women had many complaints in his life, Louann Brizendine, M.D., one of the Director of the sexual health at the University of California, San Francisco, USA. The Level of testosterone in women will generally be reduced at the age of 35 years in fact does not mean much.
The age of reproduction
For most women, age 30s is the age of reproduction. In the mid trimester of pregnancy, when pregnant women no longer troubled with nausea-vomiting, and stomach not too big, most women feel sex like games, because of the high passions the felt. During pregnancy, the hormones progesterone and estrogen increased many times over, resulting in menebalnya the lips of the vagina and more often terlubrikasi. Plus the development of the fetus in the womb in the vagina can also increase the passion.
In the book For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex Life, sex therapist Jennifer Berman, M.D., said during the mid trimester some women will feel in a State half aroused, especially when containing boys because boys pushing hormones testosterone the mother as well.
After the presence of such child
Many women after giving birth to feel that sex is more fun. Decrease in passion can happen because of fatigue, but the hormones also could be the cause. A decrease in testosterone decreases about half after child birth, though quickly also will be back to normal. Common for the pair after having children to only connect 1-2 times after more than 4 months of nifas. The problem is, women are still terngiang pain after childbirth and this anesthetic on about 70 percent of women until around 6 months after childbirth.
While for the nursing mother can also be so feel not interested in sex. Lactation hormone prolactin, which gave rise to resist the ovulation and the production of estrogen, as well as testosterone. A study of observing women breastfeeding and found about 60 percent of women have testosterone (key passion) is low after the birth of the second or third. Although the reason is unclear, Jennifer Berman believes, this may be due a decrease in testosterone production by the ovaries or lack the enzyme that inhibit the production of testosterone.

Maximum stress

Although the level of the hormone the woman is in normal conditions though, work as a parent can turn off the passion in a snap. Between the demands of the job, the child was a child, and take care of the House, women in their 30 's are in a high enough pressure. Often, they feel upset over her looks could share its case. According to Peter Kanaris, Ph.d., psychologist and sex therapist in New York revealed, the woman reached the peak of passion seksualnya at age 30, but the stress experienced by women in this age was quite high, be aware of the stress, because stress is one of the biggest passion killer. Need the cooperation of partner to help together achieve satisfaction.

Editor: Nadia Felicia
read more - Female sexual Life journey 30s

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