David Beckham Tattoo

David Beckham is confident enough with his feet, and it was unclear if the AC Milan midfielder is happy to show his religious side. Through what? Of course through the existing tattoos on his body.

Star player who is also the English national team midfielder reveals mystery white and black tattoo of The Man of Sorrow arable Matthew R Brooks, when he celebrated the Rossoneri 3-0 victory over Juventus at the Olimpico Turin, early Monday.

This tattoo is a tattoo depicting the four Christian icons, where Beckham placing it as a collection of diverse beliefs.

Despite two months of rest, but the former Manchester United player is still sharp before joining again with Milan. Beckham already has a cross tattoo on his neck behind him, only inches from the tattoo 'guardian angels' are inscribed on the shoulder and the angel on his left shoulder.

However, in his first biography, My World, David expressed his strong bound with Yahudisme.

"I was probably more related to Yahudisme than other religions. I used to wear a traditional Jewish skullcap when I was younger and I also some times go to Jewish weddings with my grandfather, "I Beckham as quoted from The Dailymail.

Last December, he was wearing a Jewish skullcap while attending the funeral of his grandfather, Joe West to respect the Jewish faith of his grandfather.

Beckham also tattoo written in Hebrew language, including his wife, Victoria with Jewish writings that read, "I am my beloved, my beloved is mine."

While Beckham's new tattoo, located close to the ribs on the right side, on his left hand, there is a tattoo bearing the name of Victoria, although not really writing in Hindi, below that again the writing train, Ut Amen Et Foveam which means, 'So I love and dear ".

On his body again, Beckham also tattooed Mandarin writing that reads, "Death and life depends on choices, rich and honorable depends on heaven."

Beckham also tattooed the name of his three sons, Brooklyn's first above the waist, her second child, Cruz and Romeo to be near a tattoo angel wings on her back.

In his right hand, Beckham also mentatonya with Roman writings VII, the number one jersey that he wore when playing in Manchester United.

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo

David Beckham New Tattoo
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Cristiano Ronaldo Photo Gallery Picture

Cristiano Ronaldo Photo Gallery Picture - Who does not know soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal, the game is very stunning, bait-bait accurately, behind the success of Cristiano Ronaldo is also very good at pick up women, many women are captivated by the beauty, wealth and popularity, countless how many women who managed to start dating from student to star Holliwood, including Kim Kadarshian who had a date with Ronaldo, who is the woman who resist the temptation Ronaldo?, want to see Gallery Photo / Picture Cristiano Ronaldo is dibwah this.

Cristiano RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo Wallpapers
Cristiano Ronaldo PhotoCristiano Ronaldo Pic
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
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Harga HP Nokia Baru Bekas

List Price HP nokia | Mobile Nokia New - for now Hp become one trend in the society, and Hp nokia price list, and list of latest nokia handpone I present this as reference material if you who want to buy mobile phones and want to trade up with HP nokia latest model or the latest output in Indonesia.

List price of new and used Hp Nokian this I take away from one sitis providers as well as a list of HP's latest Nokian second and you can listen to full list of new and second nokia complete with specifications, for selajutanya brands may be my post at the meeting which will come, karnena latest mobile phone output is always tempting us to buy or exchange them our mob are probably outdated model
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Rahma Azhari Indonesia Celebs Biography

Philippine media continues to discuss the hot photos Rahma and Simon. Even one of the media, the Manila Bulletin thoroughly explore the artist's life that often it sexy dress and showing some exciting photos Rahma.

According to the Manila Bulletin, Rahman himself who upload the photos by Simon McMenemy. The photo was taken from a party earlier this week.

Manila newspapers were also peeling Rahma family, including Ayu Azhari who is married to Mike Tramp.

"Family Azhari is a famous actress in Indonesia, they are beautiful all and dare to look sexy in some men's magazine mature Indonesia."

Rahma Azhari · Rahma Azhari ... ... -bugil-rahma-azhari-6.JPGRahma Azhari · Rahma Azhari ...Carissa Putri - Foto ArtisRahma Azhari bugil ... -bugil-rahma-azhari-5.JPGRahma Azhari bikin sensasi ...Trying To FLY ~ Rahma Azaa ...
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New Dragon Tattoo Design

There are a lot of pictures latest Dragon tattoo, tribal tattoo drawings from the collection, temporary tattoos, tiger tattoos tattoos to various abstract. Get it for free by downloading it, then the file has been downloaded in the extract to obtain more than 600 collections of tattoo pictures.
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Eastern Dragon Tattoo007_tattoo_tribal-dragon ...Dragon Tattoo Designs» Blog ... ... Dragon Tattoo ... dragon tattoo designs ... Dragon Tattoo Flash DesignFile:Dragon tattoo by Keith ... tattoo: Red Dragon Tattoo ...
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Foto Irfan Bachdim TIMNAS Indonesia

Irfan Haarys Bachdim so the full name of this son of Noval Bachdim. Born in Amsterdam, on 11 August 1988. He started his career in Indonesia Super League football by joining the club Persema Malang. Irfan Bachdim Persema coach Timo Scheunemann recruited along with Kim Jefri Kurniawan.

Irfan Bachdim have a beautiful girlfriend named Jennifer Kurniawan. And if you want to be one of the fans Irfan Bachdim, you can join the fan pagenya address at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Irfan-Haarys-Bachdim-Official/146529212066210, or you can follow Twitter at http Irfan Bachdim : / / twitter.com/10irfanbachdim

Irfan Bachdim first debut with the Indonesian National Team, at the friendly match against the East Timor national team won 6-0, in Kilkenny on November 21, 2010. His first appearance with the National Team in a tournament official on December 1, 2010, while Indonesia beat Malaysia 5-1 at Bung Karno at the event AFF 2010. Irfan Bachdim himself scored 1 goal in the match.

Irfan Bachdim Photo

Irfan Bachdim

Irfan Bachdim Foto
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Harga BlackBerry Curve 3g 9300 Terbaru

BlackBerry Curve 3g 9300
Review specification 3G BlackBerry Curve 9300 and the latest series of price blackberry 3g BB Curve 9300 output in 2010 in Indonesia. This is the successor Gemini Blackberry 8520, blackberry mobile phone 8320 and 8310 hp bb still EDGE technology. Hopefully do not blocked blackberry Indonesia yes and no weakness anymore with antennas BB.

Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the BlackBerry Curve a new member of the family in Indonesia. This product has a series of 9300, and became a member of the Curve family of 3G technology.

In appearance, blackberry Curve 3G glimpse not bring major changes compared to the Curve series
previously. New things happen only in the addition of several features.

Call it with 3G technology buried. Where the previous Curve series -
8520 Gemini series, 8320 and 8310 - are still limited to EDGE connectivity.

Judging from the design that was carried, this product does not seem much different from the BlackBerry series Gemini or Javelin. Even the 9300 Curve keypad looks similar with the two preceding it. Fortunately, the presence of skin on the back of the Curve 3G, make it look more premium.

"3G technology has now become an important part. This will make your surfing event to be faster," said Gregory Wade, RIM's Managing Director for South Asia, at the launch at the Ritz Carlton, Jakarta.

The ability of BlackBerry Curve 9300 also added from the side of his brain, and brought the powerful 624 MHz processor or equivalent processor used BlackBerry 9700 Onyx.

Another feature of the BB Curve 3G include: full qwerty keypad, optical trackpad, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, 2 megapixel camera, and supports memory cards up to 32 GB. detik.com

For the price, RIM still has not 'open mouth'. They ask users to get an official announcement from RIM's carrier partners. Nevertheless, Greg ensure that this product became available in September in the mobile market country. Approximate price of the 3G Blackberry Curve 9300 about Rp6 millions.
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Timnas indonesia aff 2010

Irfan Bachdim Timnas indonesia aff 2010
AFF Cup 2010 Indonesia national team Irfan Bachdim Cristian Gonzalez Starter national team. Indonesian national team architect, Alfred Riedl, select reserve Bambang 'Bepe' Pamungkas which has been the starter and preferred subscription duet Irfan Bachdim and Christian Gonzalez as prime minister of Malaysia in Group A match that took place at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Wednesday (1/12/10). See Drawing Results in 2010 AFF Cup AFF Cup Schedule 2010 Indonesia Vietnam to host ASEAN Football Match and Naturalization Foreign Players Indonesia and Indonesia Football Strength Map Amendment.

Irfan is a player of Indonesia-Dutch mixed blood who hold Indonesian passports. While Gonzalez is a naturalized players from Uruguay.

Bepe admitted though not ready to be played as a starter. While Irfan and Gonzales asserted the determination to bring the fragrant Indonesian name.

"Caps Indonesia is my dream. I will not waste the opportunity to bring my father's ancestral country fragrant. No personal target to score because of Indonesia's most important win, "said Irfan.

Gonzales menyataan its readiness to use jersey with the emblem of Garuda. In line with Irfan, defended the Indonesian national team is one of his ambitions. "About a starter we leave to the coach. The important thing I took out my best ability to deal with Malaysia, "said Gonzales.

On the other hand, Malaysia put respect for the host. Rajagopal said his team as the underdog in this fight. Player injury factor describes as one of the reasons why Indonesia is more favored. Not to mention the fanatical support of thousands of supporters of Indonesia in SUGBK.

"But that does not mean we will not provide resistance. We will give a surprise to Indonesia, "said Rajagopal accompanied by a smile.

Rajagopal Bepe pay attention to ever play in the club Selangor in Malaysia for two seasons. Bepe, Rajagopal said, a little more aware of the character of Malaysian players. Moreover, some players come from Selangor Malaysia survive. But he insisted there would provide a special escort to Bepe or other Indonesian players.

"We will focus on our own team play. Maybe I'll put the two attackers with 4-4-2 or use a 4-2-3-1 formation. We'll see tomorrow, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian national team manager, Andi Darussalam Tabusalla Indonesia urged supporters not to confuse the Indonesia-Malaysia dispute with the sport. "We are playing ball, we do not understand politics. We played for 90 minutes. After that, whatever the outcome on the field later, we are friendly, allied nations, "said Andi. republika.co.id
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Ford Focus

ford Focus modification
Hatchback car sales in Indonesia are relatively small. Unlike the sedan and MPV obviously pecintanya lot. Start a new hatchback car loved the last few years alone.

However, the intention is that as long as Ford is known as a hatchback car manufacturers are not lax. Ford continued feeding Indonesian consumers with hatchback car. One of them with the Focus.

Focus Design experience 'renovation' in late October, and detikOto get a chance to test 2.0-liter diesel Ford Focus TDCi.

From the outside it looks a lot of changes, but no frontal. Only on the design of a larger grille and flanked by two design in plain foglamp very dynamic look.

Ford claims there are 7 changes compared to the old Ford Focus. Changes in the presence of the most striking features of Auto Rain Sensor Wipers. These features move the windshield wipers when exposed to water.

Hereinafter contained Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror or so-called mirror that can be muffled when exposed to light rays from behind the headlights. And lastly Auto on-off headlamps.

With this technology, the headlights would shine in unison when the car went into a dark area. One example when the driver entered the tunnel.

Design stoplamp also changed. Now the house lights lamp using a matching smoke with contemporary design.

Passenger cabin space was quite relieved. There are no fancy features on the Ford Focus. As usual only the CD player in the middle of the dashboard and integrated air regulators perfectly and AUX-in who swore in a drawer dashboard.

Fun, AC blower oval design makes wind more focused. Unlike the AC blower box or rectangle.

Log in and sat on the leather-clad seat Ford Focus. Unfortunately the seat feels hard. Not only the driver, but the whole seat feels hard. For the case of one that consumers should replace it with a softer material for more comfort. Interestingly, the seats are arranged with electrical systems.

Steering wheel can dinaik and drop off so the driver can get maximum comfort. The hand can easily reach the steering wheel.

Handbrake, gear lever and the power windows can be reached and operated easily. Visibility for the driver to the front, side and rear area.

Peered into the transmission. There are two options ie i-drive D and S (Sport 6 speed). For functions you may already know.

Well, we tried a D to match road conditions Jakarta. Ignited engine. Rauman diesel engine sounded a little into the passenger cabin.

Enough good to use i-drive D. Extremely smooth gearshift. If you drive to the wise, fuel consumption on the instrument panel located on the speedometer indicates the number 7 liters for 100 km.

How about the i-drive Sport?

Just drag the transmission even though the car is running. See the instrument panel in the speedometer. D was changed to S as a sign of the machine is ready lauched. Press deep in the gas pedal.

Rauman 2.0 liter diesel engine Duratorq TDCi 6 speed began to be heard. Remarkably, despite the diesel engine but the engine is very responsive character.

That defeat our assumptions if the diesel engine can not take a drag.

Kept running up to 150 km / hour. The car still feels comfortable. With i-drives, from 0-100 car took 10:53 seconds.

For safety Ford Focus is equipped with security systems ABS, EBD and ESP and Traction Control. So that makes us more comfortable as long as the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the smell of fuel entering the passenger cabin. Yet the key regulator of air circulation is activated specifically in the cabin. Ford should pay more attention to the unpleasant smell it.

Well, from what is felt during the trial, Indonesian consumers deserve a hatchback is the top choice. Ford Focus can be invited to relax and can also be speeding.
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Decoración navideña

La estación de la Navidad es simplemente increíble. Es el momento en el que todos se prepararon para celebrar la fiesta del año. Pero la pregunta principal que viene a la mente es el de cómo conseguir los regalos lindos para todos y al mismo tiempo no se agotan. Supongo que los tradicionales mercados de Navidad en Europa son sólo sirven para este propósito. Son una mezcla de las ferias anuales y un regalo mercados locales, que en su mayoría incluye souvenirs hechos a mano y joyería. Otra cosa divertida acerca de estas ferias es el hecho de que usted puede conseguir algunos de los regalos gratis de participar en diversos concursos. Hoy vamos a presentarles los mejores 10 mercados de Navidad en Europa.

Al tratarse de un lugar bastante popular en Inglaterra que está llevando a cabo uno de los mejores mercados de Navidad, que comenzará dentro de 9 de diciembre. Todos los de la ceremonia se acompaña con vino caliente y música en vivo y todo esto dura hasta la Navidad. Los organizadores prometen un montón de sorpresas, regalos maravillosos que no se avergüenzan de ser puesto bajo el árbol o en medias de los niños obedientes. Una atención especial debe ser pagado en la joyería de moda para las mujeres.

Esta tradicional feria de Navidad es uno de los más grandes, si no el más grande de las ferias cubiertas en la Europa. Pero esto no significa que este lugar es aburrido y se fue sin ninguna diversión. Puede ser difícil de creer, pero bajo el techo de esta feria se convirtió en la casa de más de 160 puestos de madera y un enorme árbol de Navidad, decorado con cinco mil cristales de Swarovski. Inaugurado el 27 de noviembre, el mercado opera hasta el día oficial de la Navidad de diciembre.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas letters

Christmas ornaments

Christmas Tree




christmas parade
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