Foto Julia Perez Bugil Telanjang

Julia Perez Bugil Telanjang Soon the holy month of Ramadan is coming soon. The celebrities have prepared everything, including Julia Perez. Actress who was called by Jupe greeting claimed Muslims were busy buying clothes.

"Iya nih busy Muslim clothes. Foto Julia Perez Bugil Telanjang Prepare yourself with things like that," he said when met at the East Jakarta District Court on Tuesday (19/07/2011).

Not only was the fasting month later, lover Gaston Castano also will rarely appear on television. That's because he was busy working on her second album. Moreover, Jupiter will also be working on a video clip that is located outside Jakarta.

"Located in Jakarta and Yogyakarta later music video, so yes indeed I will be rarely nonggol on television. Even if there are invites yeah I came to respect the invite," he said again.

Photo Julia Perez Bugil Telanjang And what about the worship that will run during the month of Ramadan Jupe later? "If it's not just worship in the month of Ramadan alone. Every day we can also worship in Ramadan, but maybe I will be faster in order to move closer to his worship of Allah," he said, say amen.


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