Foto Mulan Jameela Bugil Telanjang Toket

Foto Mulan Jameela Bugil Telanjang Toket It is not strange if Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj even Lady Gaga nyleneh stylish and surprising, but what happens if Mulan desperate attractive style?

Since its first appearance after missing because of her pregnancy, Mulan did choose to change dadanannya become more colorful and quirky at every stage of action. Mulan also have reason about the choice of costume. For him, music was expressing not just voice, but also a unique costume. So what stage costumes as unique as Mulan? Let's see transformsi Mulan costume in early 2011 to date.

Girl is Foto Mulan Jameela Bugil Telanjang Toket identical to glass'll always look okay, but what happens if there is a mirror stuck on the chest? Mulan choose the mirror as an accessory when appearing on stage costumes Hits List RCTI, April 30. And without having to carry around a mirror, Mulan will still look cute with his boots and ballerina skirt. Try to compare it with the Katy Perry who chose the same dress just minus the mirror!

There is a saying willing umbrella before it rains, but for Mulan figuratively it can mean willing umbrella before singing. Still in the same event, Hits List RCTI, accompanied Dhani Mulan perform one single Abracadabra. Looks like in addition to singing Mulan also cast spells and voilla ... Abracadabra! Tampilah umbrella over his head. Unique? Wait a minute, try to compare with Lady Gaga headdress made ​​from the original blond hair. You think, which is more unique?

This time the shoe is inspired horseshoe Mulan Lady Gaga Strikes when appearing in early May. Wearing a mini dress with asymmetrical gothic gold trinkets, Mulan appear confident with horseshoe boots or shoes platform shoes with no rights. These shoes are definitely not comfortable to wear, but for the sake of style on stage, horseshoe boots still be an option. You think, whichever is okay, shoe horseshoe Gaga or Mulan?

If during this umbrella girl is only there on the racecourse, Mulan desperate to bring it into the attribute stage. Unfortunately, no longer so protective umbrella body of the heat, but Mulan actually make it as a dress! Uniquely if usually skirt this umbrella is always facing down like a skirt that dikenalan Miss Essex (Bethany Tamsett) in the contest British princess, but Mulan actually wearing an umbrella with a position facing up. What an eye-popping Foto Memek Mulan Jameela Bugil Telanjang Toket costume!

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