Aroma Beverage Cola Makes Men "Turn On"

Content of vanilla and caramel on the drink Cola makes us feel safe and comfortable. — have you feel Your emotions after inhaling the aroma of certain tick? Since according to research, there are several types of among odours that makes women turn on, depending on the area. According to an expert taster and the Kisser, Dr. Alan Hirsch, women in New York City was tempted by the scent of coffee, while women in Minnesota lured by the smell of the grass.

Today, Hirsch revealed that some of the material basis of soft drinks was also able to affect our feelings. Drink cola, for example, as mentioned in the Atlantic Journal-Constitution Edition 1979, comprised lemon acid, caffeine, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla and caramel. The combination of alcohol, lemon oil, lemon oil, oil of neroli, coriander, nutmeg, and cinnamon also provides aroma and flavour typical of the drink cola, and possibly also the entire appeal.

Vanilla and caramel, according to Hirsch, making us feel safe and comfortable, while orange oil, oil of lemon, and cinnamon, keeps us alert.

"When we see a combination of aromas, the drink is causing some people to feel safe and comfortable, but also make people awake and alert," said Hirsch. "All of these contribute to the popularity of the drink cola."

Because of formula material, each time taking any drink we so reminded of memories – memories that we feel when we open the bottle and menyesapnya the first time.

For men, scents of cola also gave influence not less great. The Aroma is gives the greatest influence on blood flow penis people who had sexual intercourse on a regular basis.

"If the scent of lavender and pumpkin pie gives influence when evoking the passion, the aroma of cola during sexual penetration has far greater influence," he said.


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