The Perceived Man When Orgasm

Physically the man felt there, but his mind wanders into the natural sensation of pleasure. -many women really enjoy expression companion while orgasm. Why the hell, expression of men can be so loose? What they really feel when being to reach the Summit? If sensasinya is different with us?

Orgasm in men is actually shorter duration than women, but more intense, and usually only experienced one time in one session. While the women, if it gets the stimulation, can experience a multiorgasme with a shorter recovery period.

When reaching the climax, the man let go of the encouragement of the hormone that makes him sleepy, such as norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nictric oxide, and prolactin. This causes the men barely may not feel sleepy after love-making (don't wonder man directly to sleep after that).

What is the perceived man when the orgasm, refer to the recognition of four men:

1. Brain freeze, then everything becomes clear
Andrew (30), a computer programmer, said that during sex it felt like being in a State of trance or unconscious. Physically he is there, but his mind wanders into the natural sensation of pleasure. However, everything happens for a while, and difficult to explain as it does when the orgasm.

"After everything so it makes sense for a few seconds only. As I can see everything clearly for the first time. For me that's the most wonderful thing about the orgasm, i.e. moments afterwards, "said Andrew.

2. Send energy to partner
Orgasm guy could also be different sensasinya, for example, whether done through masturbation or with a partner, according to Adam (27), the set designer. Masturbation for him until orgasm, but when having sex with a partner, sensasinya almost a spiritual nature.

"I feel like submitting the core of my soul to someone," he said. "It feels like sharing energy with someone. In a position so close to someone making we are in a period which is very fragile. "

3. Intensitasnya vary, depending on how long it lasted
The most intense orgasm, according to Paul (23), an actor, came after he reached its limits, and stay a while. "It feels Different when just let yourself off when the drive first, or try to maintain that feeling. I feel a million times more tired after my stop, rather than fixed to resume work, "he explained.

4. Sensation in women longer, and maybe better
Willy (26), a copywriter in the advertising firm, admitted that ogasme in men it is shorter than an orgasm in women. Sensasinya also not too eforik. "My partner seems to be experiencing a slow orgasmenya in waves. Men don't like it. We are having very intense urge for 3-5 seconds, then our whole body like the numbness. It was fun, but I think that women are better, "he said.


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