Female sexual Life journey 30s

KOMPAS.com- When reaching the age of 30, most women already have a mature level of self-understanding. Generally, in this age of women already are in a stable relationship. Having a husband could be sort of an aphrodisiac for woman, due to its being in a safe and committed relationship can bring out the passion of women. But the stress of keeping the child and the problems of career could lose the passion.
In the 30s, women are increasingly recognizing its body, and it is getting more and more understand how to achieve orgasm, which could stimulate the passion, because that's how come the opinion that women reach the top of his sexuality in the 30s.
At the beginning of the wedding, before there was a child, in General, women had many complaints in his life, Louann Brizendine, M.D., one of the Director of the sexual health at the University of California, San Francisco, USA. The Level of testosterone in women will generally be reduced at the age of 35 years in fact does not mean much.
The age of reproduction
For most women, age 30s is the age of reproduction. In the mid trimester of pregnancy, when pregnant women no longer troubled with nausea-vomiting, and stomach not too big, most women feel sex like games, because of the high passions the felt. During pregnancy, the hormones progesterone and estrogen increased many times over, resulting in menebalnya the lips of the vagina and more often terlubrikasi. Plus the development of the fetus in the womb in the vagina can also increase the passion.
In the book For Women Only: A Revolutionary Guide to Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction and Reclaiming Your Sex Life, sex therapist Jennifer Berman, M.D., said during the mid trimester some women will feel in a State half aroused, especially when containing boys because boys pushing hormones testosterone the mother as well.
After the presence of such child
Many women after giving birth to feel that sex is more fun. Decrease in passion can happen because of fatigue, but the hormones also could be the cause. A decrease in testosterone decreases about half after child birth, though quickly also will be back to normal. Common for the pair after having children to only connect 1-2 times after more than 4 months of nifas. The problem is, women are still terngiang pain after childbirth and this anesthetic on about 70 percent of women until around 6 months after childbirth.
While for the nursing mother can also be so feel not interested in sex. Lactation hormone prolactin, which gave rise to resist the ovulation and the production of estrogen, as well as testosterone. A study of observing women breastfeeding and found about 60 percent of women have testosterone (key passion) is low after the birth of the second or third. Although the reason is unclear, Jennifer Berman believes, this may be due a decrease in testosterone production by the ovaries or lack the enzyme that inhibit the production of testosterone.

Maximum stress

Although the level of the hormone the woman is in normal conditions though, work as a parent can turn off the passion in a snap. Between the demands of the job, the child was a child, and take care of the House, women in their 30 's are in a high enough pressure. Often, they feel upset over her looks could share its case. According to Peter Kanaris, Ph.d., psychologist and sex therapist in New York revealed, the woman reached the peak of passion seksualnya at age 30, but the stress experienced by women in this age was quite high, be aware of the stress, because stress is one of the biggest passion killer. Need the cooperation of partner to help together achieve satisfaction.

Editor: Nadia Felicia
Source: health.discovery.com


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