View Of The Ideal Husband, The Marriage Lasting

Viewed the ideal partner can make a more lasting relationship of husband and wife. Words that circulate about love revealing, love is blind. But, for people who are already married, so it is a good thing, because it can help sustain marriages. According to a study, married couples who idealize his partner while married and always look for these qualities in his partner has the possibility to maintain the happiness of marriage at least up to 3 years into the future.

A study published in Psychological Science is included about 193 newly married couples. Most participants are mid-to late twenties. the participants are asked to fill out the survey in early marriage sheet and back filling every 6 months up to the age of marriage they reach 3 years.

The survey were asked they described himself and his partner, rate the relevancy of positive characteristics (good, funny, understanding, or warm) with flaws (lazy, critical, moody, tough talk, or childish). Then asked to rate the relevancy partner ideally in the same scale. The couple then fill out some other surveys to measure satisfaction, confidence, depression, temperament, and immediacy.

Reported by the researchers, self-assessment based on reality. The way we judge ourselves is generally quite accurate. While the way we judge other people, according to researchers, generally based on hope. Armed with this, researchers try to see the judgments of the respective partner.

Example, the ideal of the pri A partner is someone who is funny and warm, and he would prefer to see his wife who he married, B, as it was, even though B assess her moody and not warm. However, the researchers noticed, if a couple were seeing each other in an "ideal", the marriage has the possibility of a relationship lasting rather than couples who do not judge his ideal. Those who judge his ideal since early marriage have a happier marriage relationships and satisfying.

According to one researcher, Sandra Murray, PhD, Professor of Psychology at the University of Buffalo, human beings can change the definition to equate what he wanted to see for himself or how he saw the someone else.


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Source: WebMD


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