Men Need Inspiring Figure "Family Man"

Parjan (left), the blind became a figure of inspiration for the family man, winner of the program M-150 is looking for a hero. You Can! -No hard find figure "family man" inside man, because the real family man think and act is simple. Her family toiled over everything. Anything will do for the family, so his presence warms all family members. Although simple, it turns out that the figure of the family man was rare, even disappear.

To the Compass Female psychologist Tika Bisono, with palpable said the figure of the family man disappeared in the last 15 years. It takes inspiration and motivation for the man to restore its role as a dignified and respectable in the family.

The figure of the family man has its roots from the simple way of thinking. According to Tika, the man with the character realized that its main task is to take care of the family, ensuring children grow better than her parents, provide support to any member of the family, do anything for his family, and is always present in the midst of his family.

The figure simple this is found in Parjan, men from the hill top of Menoreh Hill, Kokap, Kulon From Yogyakarta, so it was selected as the winner of the program "M-150 is looking for a hero, You can!" category Family Man (other category is Honesty and Community Mindedness). The man suffered blindness four years because of the prolonged pain which is difficult to cure. This did not prevent him, however, blindness works as a penderes coconut.

His job is at risk for men in need like himself started at 04.00 pm with climbs more than 25 coconut trees. Journey to the "workplace" is too slippery and difficult for people with staircase, normal, let alone for the blind. Even so, Parjan undergoing work to meet the needs of the family, at the same time proving that he could do the work that are not necessarily able to do normal people. The simplicity of the Parjan is the instance and inspiration of a family man.

"Parjan is the figure of the man in charge to families, the figure of the ' family man ' is simple. Despite poor economy, but the existence of the winner of this show a figure that is not poor potential, motivation, fighting power, hope, and heroism, "said Tika on the sidelines of the winners of this program at the Kempinski Grand Ballroom, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Tuesday (1/3/2011).

Inspirational figure like this required men to return again the supremacy of men, in the context of partnership in the family and with a partner. The supremacy of men needed to also positioning ourselves as a partner of women in building a relationship of marriage and the family. Women also need character family man as simple as this, Tika. Therefore it takes an attitude of mutual respect or honor both of women and men to bring up this character.

The character of the family man, advanced simple., Tika When family problems, such as children involved drugs or pregnant outside of marriage, the family man is always there to provide support and protection in all members of the family. The figure of a man like this don't talk how material produced or given to the family. But more to his responsibilities, the attitude to do anything to menafkahi family. Its presence also always warms family members. Family man will be present in the community with the children, wives, accompany cooking, or other activities with your family. So rather than simply giving salaries to meet the needs of all family members.

"The honor of which made male as a family man in his family. Women also want a man to be respected, in relation the relationship of marriage and in leadership in the family, "he explained.


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