Aroma Body Make A Kiss More And More "Hot"?

A wet Kiss men allows them to send a little testosterone that evokes the libido through their saliva. -Kissing, it is not simply an expression of our feelings against the pair. This activity can also reveal how fit you and your partner, Your relationship and harmony. And, although many people feel already mastered the science of kissing, but still there's the fact about the kiss yet we know. Sheril Kirshenbaum, author of The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us, offering a variety of things, from about the first kiss to the influence of alcohol to kiss.

Not just chemistry
You and the he may quickly become close because it felt there was chemistry. The kiss itself, often grow from connections and emotional atmosphere. "Kiss the great often occur because we understand the needs and desires a partner, not because there is a special way to do it," Kirshenbaum said. The articles that show how kissing usually only focus on where to put your hands, or how to set the mood. But intuition is that makes you and your spouse to be comfortable, and are able to enjoy the kiss. Kiss is a comprehensive expression of your feelings towards the him.

First kiss never dies
Most people are given a kiss first rather than a moment of bercintanya the first, according to research from Butler University. It is not clear what it is, but according to Kirshenbaum is likely this is caused because the Kiss became the introduction of the us with sexual behavior, plus all the activities that will follow a session of kissing. "This has to do with doing something new, and how much we engage the senses in our behavior," he said.

Men would rather play the tongue
Don't blame the way her Cocker, many involving the tongue and drooling. Because, the way men and women kissing is not the same. "Men tend to express his contentment to kiss the muddy rain ..., with the mouth open. Otherwise, women would constantly complain about often game the tongue, "Kirshenbaum said.

There is why men love to do wet kisses. Open mouth enables man to send in women a little testosterone that evokes the libido through their saliva. Imagine if this were done for weeks or months, maybe you so turn on.

The Aroma of the body affected
Nose we seem to be able to distinguish the suitability of a natural body fragrance genetic our spouse. "Hygiene is important for everyone, for being the first indicator of whether she deserves pursued or not," Kirshenbaum said. "More than that, it seems the aroma body could be a subconscious way of expressing one's genetic and immunity." What if the couple we always wear perfume or aftershave, wouldn't it be difficult to guess the original scent her body?

"If You quite often spend time with someone, You surely will catch over the aroma of the original body," tukasnya.

Alcohol had a big influence?
Drugs and alcohol stimulate the same few chemical compounds on the brain, such as when kissing, so you could be misinterpreting the substance with passion against the pair. But if you want sessions were making out could be more delicious after drinking alcohol (alcohol can let go of Your defense, so the kiss so more fun).

"It could lead to feeling better or worse, depending on how drugs affect your reality," Kirshenbaum says. A kiss can act as a kind of "drug", so do the impression most accurate about your feelings. But actually, express feelings could be more obvious when it's done in a State of conscious, isn't it?

So wmx better because of the kiss
Men do not know, chocolate or flowers will not make us forget the quarrels that took place. Ciumanlah has the ability for it. Although the women deny it, but research shows that small can kissing makes us able to forgive, so according to Kirshenbaum.

This ability may come from the hormone oxytocin is released when we kiss. A kiss can reduce the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) which occurs in our body we berantem with the couple.


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