6 the role to be played by a "Family Man"

Menyantuni family is not only done by providing a living, but also moral support, even audit.

KOMPAS.com -figure of the man in the family, as both a father and husband, has the character of "family man". With such honors as male maintained so that its existence strengthens the family. Family man represents the supremacy of men in families, but also must be balanced with equality with the sight of his wife as a partner in berumahtangga, as well as the warmth that makes it always desired and appreciated by all members of the family.

Psychologist Tika Bisono be the role of family man as in the structure of the Board of an organization. In this analogy, the role of men in the family is divided into six. The man said to be a family man if you have a protective role, Adviser, Director, penyantun, implementers, and pengaudit.

"Man as a family man knows when to be protective, Advisor who directed the wife, but also keep the plunge with my wife in the care of the household. Menyantuni family does not only mean giving a living, but also moral support, even audit. This role is the cycle that must be applied at home by men. Even so, don't be a feudal melebihkan the role of the man who all spoke to were kept. Men need to keep and have his honour as a family man, and balance it with the principle of equality. This role will need to run the man in the context of the partnership with couples and families, "explains Tika to Compass Female, after the announcement of the winners of the program" M-150 is looking for a hero. You can! "at the Kempinski Grand Ballroom, Jakarta Indonesia, Tuesday (1/3/2011).

The privilege inherent in men this is what makes a man become a family man, further Tika. When this honor is lost, or not was featured in the family because the figure of the father and the husband is not considered or are appreciated by children and wife, then don't be surprised if a family had no figure head of the family.

The figure of the man who was responsible for the family is actually simple, personal thinking that he will do all the way to his family. He felt proud to be the husband who menafkahi his wife and children according to his ability, and rewarded accordingly. He was honored for its existence is recognized by his wife and child, whatever its condition. Recognition and appreciation of this family is also the one who perpetuate the character family man in the family.


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