Alona Cynthiara Bugil Open a New Business

Not satisfied just being a movie player, in 2011 it Cynthiara Alona want to create a new business. Alona wants to establish a management in the field of entertainment and become a producer.


"I still palingan open a new business to become a producer and has a entertaint management in the field," he said when contacted by telephone by ™, Saturday (1 / 1).

Further explained that by Alona Alona Musiscenter Indonesia (AMI, the name of his business) he wants to break out in all areas of both music and movies.

"I wish in all fields entertaniment, movies and music and all became artists as well," he added which will officially run its business on January 7, 2011 by holding salvation in the office.

Because of his favorite in the field of entertainment that makes Alona establish this business. Moreover, he wanted to invest for his future later.

"my hobby in the field of entertaint. So yes ventured to open business in that field too," he said.


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