Pamela Anderson So Person Of The Year 2010 MAP Version

During the year 2010, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal) incentive to give a statement that invites people around the world for more love for animals, including being a vegetarian. And among the many artists who contributed to this movement, Pamela Anderson who was named a Person of the Year by PETA.

Former Baywatch star was awarded the title after he helped draw public attention to the issue of animal rights by giving a speech in front of students at the University of Oxford, through filming for TV advertisements, and of course, posing naked with body painted like the body of beef cattle.

And business is 43 years old sexy women are valued more by PETA, which makes Person of the Year 2010.

"Over the years, Anderson has submitted many ideas and posed for PETA ads to raise awareness about cruelty to animals and show how easy it is to contribute to reducing the suffering of animals,"said a PETA representative.


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