Gadis Cewek Bugil

Gadis Cewek Bugil , daughter of singer Krisdayanti (KD) and vocalist, songwriter and producer Anang Hermansyah music, Gadis Cewek Bugil plans to come to her wedding with a businessman from the Dili (East Timor) Raul Lemos.

Recognized by Aurel, she, her father, and brother, Azriel Akbar Hermansyah, was invited by KD to KD's wedding with Raul. Admittedly also, she and Azriel has dibikinkan clothing to attend the event. "I'm as Azriel definitely come, because it was made clothes as well," said Aurel in an interview in Jakarta on Tuesday (01/18/2011).

Aurel also ensure that his father, the former husband KD, will meet invitation. "My cheeks are also willing to come. I came in the morning really. We came to three. Cheema also have to come wearing a suit, 'said Aurel again. "We congratulate, we will come if there is the invitation," said Anand, who is promoting their first duet single, "Without a Star".

Aurel said, she and Azriel was introduced by KD to Raul. "He (the Raul) already give out (marriage). I've known. He's license with me and Azriel," said Aurel.

A wedding gift had been prepared by the sisters. "If you gift hell yes," said Aurel.

Aurel hope Anand soon find heart moorings. Aurel has the same criteria for a candidate companion of his father. "The important thing is beautiful, good, clever, is not puffed up like Mimi. If Cheeks had a boyfriend baseball permit me, I'm angry. Yes it Pi?" Gadis Cewek Bugil Aurel said sarcastically.

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