Anyone Can Do Natural Sports !

Hearing the word natural sports, or adventure, we immediately imagine the figure of a tomboy nature lovers and frightening. Then, we may immediately reject the idea to try natural activity. "We're kids mall, not a child of the mountain!" so trick you.

However, there may be some among us who actually want to try a long time, but did not dare. Feeling is not experienced, or felt physically less fit. Finally, the desire is buried alone, and could only look at photos of friends who move in nature with envious.

When in fact, anyone can, do sports nature. According to psychologist Dra Ami Saragih, MPsi, the key to live a natural exercise is to identify what barriers in ourselves, and recognize its natural condition.

"The natural condition that was not a situation that can be predicted, and always comfortable. For example, a sudden rain could fall," said Ami, when the talk show "Healthy Learning from Nature", organized by MORE magazine Indonesia and Yayasan Lupus Indonesia in fX , Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday (07/01/2011).

In order to withstand working in nature, you need psychological skills. There are three things that need to be met, namely ourselves readiness, adaptability, and ability to survive. "If we are rained on, how long do we survive? What if the rain for hours, ready ourselves?" exclaimed a former member of Palawan, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, this.

To prepare yourself psychologically, there is some homework that we need to do. Number one is to set our personal goals. Decide what you want is obtained by working in nature. Was just trial and error, satisfying curiosity, or indeed want to try your adrenaline terrain that has not been passed?

If this is your first time will look alive in the wild, try to identify potential hazards from within ourselves and the natural environment. Often the danger is from our own.

"If we have a weakness, it often makes the danger becomes greater. Suppose you were afraid of the dark, or you can not stand the cold. Thus, the anticipation before this weakness. Recognizing the potential danger does not mean we have to experience it?" said Ami.

Then, find out about its natural condition. When you take Ecotourism program, for example, do not just imagine you will be staying at the resort which is situated in the hamlet, and staying in bamboo huts. Ecotourism could actually create an atmosphere that is really back to nature, where you are not given room air conditioning, no electricity, water supply improvised, and there are no snacks at all carpenters outside the inn.

If you already know the potential dangers of following the natural conditions, you can make preparations to anticipate them. You do this by making the planning, improve themselves, and protect themselves with the equipment. You can start physical training, learning the techniques of mountain climbing from a more experienced friend for example, or carry a flashlight and battery supply quite a lot (if you're afraid of the dark).

If the plan has matured, you are certainly better prepared to face the bad possibilities that will happen. It's not impossible, you can conquer nature, and start enjoying this activity.


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