Cara Cewek Bercinta Klimaks

Cara Cewek Bercinta Klimaks Tauzia Management, manager of the hotel brand Harris, on Thursday (17/6/10) launched a new brand of Pop Harris.

Hotel Pop Harris is a two star hotel is packed into a budget hotel (budget hotel) that provide satisfactory service for guests. Pop the first Harris will operate in Denpasar, Bali, September 2010.

President Director Tauzia Hotel Management Marc Steinmeyer on Thursday (17/6/10) revealed that Harris deliberately Pop design with shades of pop for relaxed impression. Pop-style design is made with the test repeatedly until it feels fit.

"Pop Harris built with the principles of efficiency and eco-friendly. Not only in building design, but also on a bed, shower, toilet, and roof of the hotel building, "said Steinmeyer, who has been poor across the world of hospitality.

Pop Harris target market is business people who often travel (business travelers), family and sports associations in a variety of different sports held in many cities. "Essentially Pop Harris facilitate live guests," said Steinmeyer.

Two star hotels which became competitors Pop Harris, among others, Formule-1 (Accor group) and Amaris (Santika group).

"But we have excess, from king-size bed, a relatively affordable prices (Rp 300,000-an), easy booking, facilities, free wifi, free cable TV (with 60 channels), security with CCTV. Hotel guests also get breakfast in the form of rice or rice Jinggo bogana, "added Christophe Glass, Director Tauzia.

In the next two years, will open a number of hotels Pop Harris. First in Denpasar, Bali (September 2010), after the Bandung, Semarang, Makassar, Surabaya (2011), Jakarta Airport (2011), Manado (2011), Kuta Bali (2011), Denpasar Jl Cokroaminoto (2012), and Yogyakarta ( 2012).

"According to Glass, Indonesia's tourism industry continues to grow, and many hotels are needed. "People need a place to stay that is not too expensive, but still clean and have wi-fi facilities and international television channels," he said. on blogger: Cara ...cara memuaskan wanita Cara ...Cara Anak Jenius Menjawab ...MOOD bercinta ibarat ...


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