Celebrates Wedding Anniversary Tips

CELEBRATES wedding anniversary every year is important for couples who have married. With merayakanya, you both can share each other the importance of cooperative relations.

If you get bored just celebrate with dinner, wedding anniversary can be celebrated in a different way. Datingtips gives some interesting tips to restore memories of the wedding day.

Wear your wedding dress again

Surprise spouse by wearing your wedding dress again. Moreover, through this special dress is the beginning of the Ark both your household. Ask your partner to give a bouquet instead of flowers hand when married. Prepare a special dish that you normally find on one's wedding. Generate back sweet memories you and your partner. And close the evening with a dance together to reaffirm love one another.

Second honeymoon

Go back to the location where you both a honeymoon at the time. Or try a different location but still romantic. Request permission one week on the company you work and travel off the tropical island. Good to plan a second honeymoon well in order to avoid unexpected expenditures.

Relive memories of the first date

Nothing is more fun than evoke wonderful memories when you two are united. Try to get up the atmosphere like during the first date at the time still going out first. Wear the same clothes and makeup when first dating. Then plan dinner and a movie at the cinema the same when you are first dating. All this experience will warm atmosphere of love marriage and strengthen each other.


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