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Acting world really has made a model Chyntiara Alona hooked. Although reluctant to leave the field of modeling which raised his name, Alona said she seriously pursue acting.

Yes, after appearing in several films, playing bids are now rushing to women born in Banda Aceh. "In the near future I can bid to play again with my Goddess Perssik and Andi Soraya. The title, I'll meet Jandamu," he said when contacted via cell phone on Wednesday (3 / 9).

In the film to be produced Maxima Pictures, Alona will play one of three widows. "I certainly felt challenged, especially I have never been married, let alone a widow all," he added.

Unfortunately, Alona has not been able to reveal in a clear way the story is his fifth movie. "Until now I have not received the script," I am woman bloody Aceh.

Now there are at least two new films starring. One of them, the film Marriage Contract 2, which has completed the process of shooting. In MVP Pictures film production, said Alona, her role is not less challenging. "I became a prostitute senior who lives in the village. Because of relatively senior, I became assistant pimp. Germonya played by Tommy Ali,"the story of a model who also never played in the film Drop Out of this.

After a number of roles played, Alona also claim to increasingly interested in establishing a career in acting. There is one role that is now wanted dijajalnya. "I just want good roles. All this time I found an antagonistic role continues. Want's also tried the role of the good and the persecuted," please Alona.


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