Tips for Safe Baby Sleeping Together

Not a few parents who choose to sleep separately with their babies. Though there's nothing wrong father and mother slept with their baby, I tell tips on how to stay safe and comfortable, as reported she knows:

Do not Sleep Too Soft in Places
Water mattress is not recommended for use as a bed. Wear a bed that is not too soft. Do not also use pillows and bolsters. If placed on the surface is too soft, the baby will have difficulty breathing.

If mothers feel uncomfortable exactly contiguous with the baby, the mother can buy extra beds. Extra special baby bed can be combined or placed right next to the mother's bed. With this bed, the baby has more room to move freely, but the mother is not difficult to reach when he woke up and fed.

Do not Use Blankets
Blankets should be avoided because it was feared could make the baby enveloped in or on top of the object. If the baby until covered, he would be difficulty breathing. Toys are great, soft and gentle as well as dangerous such as blankets, pillows and bolsters.

If you want to keep using a blanket, put the blanket is no higher than chest. Blanket order was not interested in or to cover baby's face and head, the tip of blanket tucked under the bed.

Do not Let Baby Sleep With Young Children, Smokers or drunk
The best place for baby to sleep with someone who is responsible, adults who do not smoke and should be that of the mother. Small children are often irregular sleep can harm the baby. While smokers, if smoking in room, can cause the baby having difficulty in obtaining clean air. Cigarette smoke also can cause shortness of breath baby.

Baby Sleeping on the side Mother
When the six-month-old baby down, most secure and comfortable place is on the mother, not between father and mother. When babies cry and wake up in the middle of the night, the mother can just hear it and feed. At bedtime, the mother must remain vigilant, the baby remains in sleep position.


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